Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Two days 'til Christmas

Morning started out in Terr's office, with me drinking coffee on one computer and Jeremy on the other, while everyone else slept in a bit. Soon the house was bustling with two grandsons, Kate, Kristin and Grandad all getting ready for the day.

After breakfast, Grandad took the boys to Northcroft! Cold as it was, they had a great day hiking, picking up limbs, building a campfire and shooting BB guns. Grandad took the special time to bond with the boys and tell them the story of Christmas. At the end of the day Aidan got a little sick to his stomach but is feeling much better tonight. We were saddened to hear that Morgan was sick today also. Hopefully tomorrow everyone will be feeling much better.

Kate's lifelong friend Lindsay, her husband, Joey and their new baby Mary Elle came to the house today for a visit and lunch. The old friends had a delightful time together and Mary Elle and I enjoyed a nap in the rocking chair.
Aidan seemed to be recovering when Kristin's significant other Alan came over to hang out with us for a while after dinner. He happily helped Keegan with a little invention he was working on.

Kate made more Christmas gifts in the kitchen while Jeremy did some work on the computer.

This should be a Christmas full of yummy surprises...

Tomorrow starts the countdown!

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Kate said...

Aaahhh LOOK at the CHEEKS!!