Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Some favorite moments of Memorial Day week end...

Kate playing the flute while standing on the bridge, the blooming of the mountain laurel, feeling like I was in Madison County, colors of the green Luna moth and red strawberries and beautiful light through the mist of the forest, made for some lovely pictures that I wanted to share, if I haven't already.

I'm still here at the cabin, working with the second and third generation of men, of the man that has weedeated my yard for many years. We are power washing, caulking, painting, working on the bridge and putting a stacked fence at the top of the drive. Rain is hindering us a bit, but we are getting some things done. Hope all of are well, call me if you need me.


Monday, May 26, 2008

Together with Jeremy and Kate...

Wedding day ideas have been shared. Our first purchase bought, and Kate and Jeremy are happy with the surroundings that they have chosen to capture the spirit of their wedding day. They are in full control of the magic of love, and savoring each moment. They now have a year to make it happen.

They have just left to return to New York, driven by Kate's loyal Dad, and I am left here alone, embracing the essence that they left behind and filling up on the peace and serenity of solitude. I think I shall take a nap.

I hope you all are having a nice Memoral Day. I'm sending you all my love.

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Friday, May 23, 2008

From the Mother of the Bride

Today we started thinking about plans for Kate and Jeremy's wedding that will take place at Northcroft next May.

The first thing we found out was, that if it rains on their wedding won't be so bad after all.

They will already have what really counts.
For this I am so grateful and happy for the two of them.
I pray I will be a good mother-in-law to another wonderful son.


Spending time with the Butterflies

Yesterday, I had a glorious time with the butterflies in the Valley. They were everwhere!

Last night brought me another magical visitor, right to my window...

I haven't seen one in a very long time and I was thrilled.
(Luna Moth)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Salute to our Service Men and to Planning Dreams

I am headed to the mountains to make Northcroft ready for a visit from Jeremy and Kate. They will we joining us for the Memorial Day week end. There we will begin the planning of their, May 2009, wedding! Okay, so we have a year...never the less, planning a low carbon, Eco friendly, environmentally correct, perfectly magical and meaningful wedding, in a North Georgia forest, isn't going to be easy! We have a lot of ideas to explore and big hopes and dreams to talk about.

Everyone have a safe and happy week know where to find us.

God bless our service men who served us with heroic patriotism and those who have taken there place, (we love you Kirill!) and God bless America!
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Sunday, May 18, 2008

2008 School Year is Ending

This is an exciting and special time of the year for my nine grandchildren. School is ending for the summer, honors are being given and baseball teams are playing their championship games. Not to mention the fact that Swim Team practices have already begun for many of them!

Today I witnessed the end of a season for a very special activity at our church. Tom (The Knight), Kim (Nurse Missy), Andrew (The Page) and Emily (the newcomer that jumped out of a box!) had their last performance in the children's department of the storytelling Kingdom of Apostlelot. All winter they have faithfully presented God's word, in story form, to a large audience of eager children, blessing them with wisdom and knowledge of how they too can be members of the kingdom. Everyone was sad to see them go for the summer. Tom has been the brave Knight for four years, Andrew, his page, for two, and Kim joined the ranks this year with bold determination and an exciting love interest for the Knight!

... BRAVO, BRAVO! Teaching the children is where it all begins.

Grandad spent his Sunday afternoon watching Joe working hard in his play-off game and yesterday afternoon watching Ford finish out his season....Note from Grandad...

"Joe's and Ford's baseball teams are deep into their championship playoffs. Each of their teams is 3-1 in a double elimination tournament. They each play on Monday evening. If their teams win, then two more games follow, so long as they keep winning, to become champion of their league. Today, Joe played outfield, catcher and third base, and yesterday Ford played catcher. He will pitch, tomorrow. He has been selected for the top All-Star travelling team, which will spend the last week of the summer baseball season in Cooperstown, NY, in a massive 100 team play-off for the National Championship. That will be the last full week in July. Then both Joe and Ford start football practice. Two busy boys!"

More Boy News from Kristin...

"The boys are having a fun and busy end to the school year, as usual. Manor School's open house is next Wednesday. Aidan's 1st grade class will present aproject on the Town of Fairfax. Aidan selected Fradelizio's (his favorite restaurant) for his report. He interviewed the head chef at Fradelizio's and, after finishing the obligatory questions about the restaurant operations, peppered him with questions such as, "When do you wake up in the morning?" and "What's your favorite food?" The chef was so tickled, he gave Keegan and Aidan their favorite dessert (tiramisu) for free. Keegan's class of 2nd and 3rd graders will be presenting and in depth look at the Ocean for Open House. Keegan will be an expert on the Flying Fish, and has been working on his costume. I was hoping for something as simple as a poster board, fin and a pilot's cap, but Keegan has other ideas.

The boys both ran in Manor School's lapathon last Friday, in record-breaking heat. Parents kept the kids as cool as possible with hoses, squirt bottles and popsicles. The Principal decided to cut the running times short, keeping the kids to 45 minutes. Keegan ran a little over 5 miles, and Aidan ran over 3 miles. I'm sure I couldn't have done either in 90 degree temperatures! Keegan ran the most laps out of his grade level for the fourth year in a row, and will soon be adding another medal to his collection. (Aidan won a medal last year as well for the most laps run in kindergarten, and was a close third this year.)The boys are also both playing baseball this year. Aidan is in the Farm leaque (coach pitch) and Keegan is in the Minor league (kid pitch). Aidan has quite an arm, and has been making great plays all season. He's played all the positions, but particularly enjoys short stop, first base and catcher. Keegan took a video of one of Aidan's games recently. I need to download it, edit and send to you! This is Keegan's first year in the Minors. He's a great pitcher. I'll have to check stats with him, but he's struck out dozens of players so far this season. His team, the Angels, is in second place in the league, which isn't bad considering almost all of the players are new to the Minors. " -

Looks like the Pedersen boys have been busy too!!

<---Here is a picture from Issy's softball season...check out the gal in action! I'm told that, for her, too, the season is over, but she learned so much and is ready to play again next year! Gooo ISSY!

Emily is playing the Tone Chimes at the end of the year school program -->

Congratulations to all of you for awards (to be posted as I get knowledge of them), team work and overall excellence for a great school year! Happy Summer! I look forward to hearing about all those swim team medals.

P.S. William is just being cute, working 65 piece puzzles (alone), playing endless games on the computer and very happy that it's summer once again. --->

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Got a poem?....I've got a forum!

Mother's Day I tried my hand at pleasing my mother by writing her a poem...boy, was it hard! Anyway, while all of you sweet grandchildren (and any other family poets for that matter) are cleaning out your old school papers, getting ready for summer, and you come across a poem you too worked hard on; send it to me and I will post on Chatterbox, it along with your picture.

Andrew sent this one to me in March of this year...

Andrew Sabonis-Chafee
12 March 2008

If I had a Wish…

If I had a wish, I’d know what it would be
I’d tell my wish to a magic genie
If he made it come true
I wouldn’t be blue
And I would be so very happy

“ I’d like to have the power to be invisible” I’d say
“ I don’t want it tomorrow, I want it today!”
And with a flimm flamm foo,
My wish would come true
And I’d shout out very happily, “ HOORAY!”

On the very next day, the day we had school,
With my invisible powers I’d be very cruel
I’d pull people’s hair,
And give them a scare,
And replace their real lunch with gruel

While people were in class, I’d play out in the halls
I’d answer my cell phone and check my missed calls
Homework? I’d have none
I’d just have fun
I’d go down to the gym and play with basketballs

The genie would come back when I got home
I’d tell him everything and drone and drone
He said “ You’ve had your fun,
Now your power is done.”
And then all I could do was moan

“ Why’d you take my power away, you nasty little weevil?
“ I took it away ‘cause you were using it for evil”
Then he disappeared in a whiff
And I knew in A jiff,
That my power was not up for retrieval

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Morgan is a WINNER!

News about Morgan!


Our beautiful Morgan was made even more beautiful on the inside (as well as out!) when she cut her long, lush hair a couple of weeks ago and donated it to make a wigs for someone who doesn't have any.

Morgan and Molly finished a 5K run with 1,000 other women! The route went through their neighborhood so it was really fun. Everyone got a carnation at the end. Morgan took a running class every Friday in her after school program so she would be ready!

When Morgan isn't running, painting, going to Ford's baseball games or reading every minute she gets a chance, she is ROCK CLIMBING, in her spare time! I understand that she is quite a champ, winning ribbons in outdoor competitions.
Way to go Morgan! We are so proud of you and the things you have accomplished.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Favorite pictures from Mother's Day Weekend

You'll have to look at Judy's blog for pictures of Mother's Day itself. We all went to the Gutting house where Abby was responsible for a wonderful luncheon. I left the memory card out of my camera and couldn't take pictures. It was a great time and I wouldn't take anything for being with my dear Mother, but I must say, I missed being with my children, terribly.

If you made pictures of your week end, I would love to see them!

Friday, May 09, 2008

A Tribute to the Queen...Mother, that is...

I am a mother and I know what my children mean to me, but I sometimes wonder if a Mother knows what she means to her children. Therefore, this is...

A Song for my Mother
by Merry

Our good fathers have their praises sung,
Throughout their life and ever after.
Our Mothers are so busy singing
That they think their songs are merely laughter.

Selflessly, she gives all she has
To teach the lessons we need for living.
Preparing each child to leave her alone
But never does she stop giving.

I know you’re there
I know you’re strong
I’ve counted on you when all went wrong.
Now it’s time for you to listened to your song…

Today, I see you in my face, I feel you in my being.
I take courage in my tomorrows, that you have let me see.
I will not fear the passing of the time, for the child in me is singing
Songs of praises for the mother that I continue to strive to be.

Long live the Queen!

Happy Mother's Day, Mother. Thank you for everything.

I love you,

(now, then and always)

Our Good Mother's

For these Mothers I am so very grateful and proud. Happy Mother's Day to our beautiful daughters!

With all our love,
Mom/Merry and Terr

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Brunch-Limo-and The Lion King

What A Day!

A Memory was least for me.


P.S. Be sure and click the lower left of the screen and on the caption box. I have text printed on the pictures.

Remembering the Day

On this day in 1924 a Great man was born, and I had the privilege of calling him Daddy.

I chose this picture, to remember him by, because it says a lot about what I remember about his physical appearance: handsome, clothes neatly pressed, not a hair out of place even while working on a farm (a place he was most comfortable), a charming crooked smile, a dark tanned face and gray white hair (like mine!).

These traits drew everyone to my Daddy; his kindness, genuine desire to help, his high moral principles, his compassion, his joy in meeting people, his boyish charm and much more, kept them loving him with the highest of respect. I don't think anyone could say a bad thing about this the man who set the standard for me as to what a good man should be.

I am grateful for the way he lived his life and I mark this day with pride. Happy Birthday to all of us who are celebrating the legacy.

-daughter, Merry
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Saturday, May 03, 2008

GA Bar Meeting in Asheville

The picture above is the view from our room at The Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC. I just wanted to share. I wish you could have smelled the air and experienced the mountains. Even the drive was beautiful. Friday night we had dinner in the Stables of the Biltmore House and got a candlelight tour. It a was nice, if quick, trip.

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Friday, May 02, 2008

Daijogo & Pedersen overnight at the Heath

Daijogo & Pedersen, LLP is a law firm specializing in employment law counseling and strategic advice for employers. Both partners, Kristin Pedersen and Maki Daijogo, have practiced management-side employment law for 13 and 14 years, respectively. Their clients include local, national, and international companies.

It was such a treat to have Kristin and her law partner, Maki, staying with us for a couple of nights while they were in Atlanta for a business conference. Time with them was limited to a few minutes before bed time and early morning meetings, but none the less it was a delight to have them, coming and going.

We very much missed the boys, but Kris is looking forward to having time with the family in August!

Note: We are off to Asheville, NC for a business meeting this morning, after the girls leave, but will be back in time to go to "The Lion King" with seven of our nine wonderful grandchildren, on Sunday! Mini Burgers will be served at 11:00, limo arrives at 12:00, pictures until 12:15 (blogging material), then off we go!! Be there or be square!