Friday, May 09, 2008

A Tribute to the Queen...Mother, that is...

I am a mother and I know what my children mean to me, but I sometimes wonder if a Mother knows what she means to her children. Therefore, this is...

A Song for my Mother
by Merry

Our good fathers have their praises sung,
Throughout their life and ever after.
Our Mothers are so busy singing
That they think their songs are merely laughter.

Selflessly, she gives all she has
To teach the lessons we need for living.
Preparing each child to leave her alone
But never does she stop giving.

I know you’re there
I know you’re strong
I’ve counted on you when all went wrong.
Now it’s time for you to listened to your song…

Today, I see you in my face, I feel you in my being.
I take courage in my tomorrows, that you have let me see.
I will not fear the passing of the time, for the child in me is singing
Songs of praises for the mother that I continue to strive to be.

Long live the Queen!

Happy Mother's Day, Mother. Thank you for everything.

I love you,

(now, then and always)


family said...

I love you, too, Nana. You're the greatest Mother-in-law anyone could ever have. Terr.

juju said...

The wind under my Dad's wings. Thats my Mom! The one who kept our family ties close and gave us a life time of cherished memories. Motherhood is a journey that begins and NEVER ends. I am so blessed, forever and always to have you as my Moma. I love you, Moma

ReallySuperCool said...
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Kate said...

Happy Mother's Day, all you beautiful mothers in my family. I am so grateful for you all. Mom, I love you so much.

Queenie said...

You are not only an artise but a
poet. Thank you for making me