Sunday, March 31, 2013

Just another Family Easter

Okay, Easter morning was incredible...amazing...GLORIOUS!  The Sabonis-Chafee's led a sunrise service for about 30-40 people on the golf course of their neighborhood.  We then met up with them for early morning services at Apostles where Mike, Mary and family opted to join us in lieu of going to their home church so we could share the experience together.  After church we headed to the Commerce Club Atlanta for our annual Easter Brunch, adding to our numbers, the Shannon Croft family as well as Tom Croft and the girls!

You know, we're really privileged in this family, privileged in love, generosity and respect for one another.   Just like most of you who read this blog, we have a dang good time when we get together to celebrate.

Heck, I'm going to shut up now and let the following video prove my point...

Hope you had a Happy, Happy Easter too!

Thank you Easter Bunny.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Join the Chorus


Easter is the ever shining Light
in The Valley of the Shadow of Life
Whose gleam dispels the darkness
Of men's minds;
Whose radiance penetrates the hardness
Of men's hearts;
Whose glory transcends the outreach
 Of all time.

Easter's Victory has robbed death of its sting;

Easter's Vitality is regenerating a new humanity;

Easter's eVentuallity is the Kingdom of God on earth.

Mabel Smith Brown


Crusts of earth are opening
Green shoots are peering through
Buds on trees are bursting
New life's coming into view.

Nature tells us Christ has risen!
Freshness of life appears.
Spring-time is unfolding
Nature shouts triumphant cheers.

Man too may join the chorus;
Sing out with clear accord.
For life anew is ours
Through Jesus Christ The Lord!

Mable Smith Brown

Happy Easter!

Friday, March 29, 2013

It's Friday...but Sunday's Coming!

Everywhere I look today, I am reminded to look to the cross as I wait for Sunday's celebration of the risen Christ.  These are heart felt moments that I share with those I love because that's what we do with the ones we love; share our hearts.

Our Lord has written the promise of the resurrection, not in books alone but in every leaf in Springtime.  Martin Luther

It's Friday...but Sunday's Coming!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Palm Sunday

I hope everyone has had a blessed Palm Sunday.  It was glorious this morning at Church of the Apostles as we sang uplifting praises to God and waved our palm branches.  William and I wrote word phrases from the preacher's sermon and drew doodles on our bulletins to "keep us awake and focused".  The best were the Easter Eggs we drew.  William's were of mountains celebrating "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!!".  I in turn had written on my bulletin, "The very mountains themselves will cry Jesus!".  It was nice to know we were connecting to the same words.

After church, Tom, Andrew, William and Grandad went off to Shane's for lunch and the girls: Kim, Emily and I decided do a little shopping, hoping to find something pretty to wear for Easter.  Emily was a perfect hanger for everything she tried on even when we goaded her into trying on the ugliest prom dress we could find!  We did find a delightful treasure or two, had a good lunch at Nordstroms, shopped a little more then rushed home to homework and preparations that had to be made for an early morning installation by Regas Interiors.

A few other noteworthy things happened this week.  First all, Kristin started the week with her 44th birthday!  Unfortunately, the family dog was very ill and much time, lots of effort and love had to go into saving his life.  I understand though that Teddy is doing well and is expected to recover.
(note: I need pictures from California to go here.)

I've heard reports that Keegan injured his neck and had to play a less strenuous position than pitching the last game or two.  Wishing him a speedy recovery.  Congratulations to Aiden for a near perfect report card and a successful soccer team tryout.
(note: I need pictures from California to go here.)

 On Wednesday, God answered our prayers by helping Ben through surgery.  We are thankful to report that he is healing with the love and help of Adrienne and going to be fine.  Thank you Adrienne for keeping us informed throughout the process and keeping us from worry.
(note: I need pictures from California to go here.)

You California folks, I need reports of GOOD news asap!  Really, I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say that we are hoping good health reports keep rolling in and you are back on the road to happy adventures as I write.

Grandad and I had a really nice Grandparent's Day at St. Martin's Middle School on Friday.  Joe and Issy were the perfect hosts, sharing friends, breakfast and a delightful program (where Joe sang!).  They then took their four Grandparents on a tour of the new Middle School building.  It is always a pleasure to see the children in their school environment; the things they are working on, meeting their teachers and the friends they have made.  These school days are so important in a child's life.

Equally important this past week was Joe's successful baseball games!  His pitching was impeccable and he hit his first home-run of the season!  (His date to the Daffodil Ball wasn't too shabby either!)

I am still struggling through PT and painting a little.  Grandad was honored by a Supper Lawyer's reception this week and life keeps giving us many moments to be grateful for...

So, get your best Easter bonnet and bright colored dresses, pull out your pastel ties and get ready for Resurrection Sunday!  Sing Hosanna in the Highest and rejoice, for wherever you are, our hearts will join yours in praise and gratitude for our risen Lord and Savior.
Happy Easter Week!

P.S.  Remember your Nana this Easter Week.  She is back home and is planning another Easter celebration with the Murfreesboro family bringing a dish and gathering at her house.  You can send an email  to, phone: 615-893-0498 or snail mail to Gwen Patton, 600 North Church Street, Murfreesboro, TN 37130. :)

Note:  The pictures of Emily in the green hat and the rose and navy dress were given in delightful fun to her mother and me while shopping for a real Easter dress last Sunday.  Thank you Emily for your good sense of humor!

Friday, March 22, 2013

...and we ate pie!

Did I tell you about about my Christmas gift in mid February?  Well, if I didn't I certainly intended to!

Last Christmas, the children and those they love (as long as I'm living, my babies they'll be) gave Grandad and me gifts of time as our special gifts.  One of those gifts included, for me, a girl's night out to be taken in February.

Well, time came and because of surgery I wasn't up for travel so the girls brought the gift to me!

Kim and Emily arrived early to wash and fix my hair (couldn't do my own at the time) and brought a fantastic catered gourmet feast (from everyone) to be put on hold while waiting for the rest of the girls to arrive.

What a night to remember, we laid the table with the delicious food and wine, sat together for great conversation, even picked out the dresses we would wear to the up coming  Oscars, (that is if we were going)!  We talked so much that we had little time to do other things we'd planned.   The young girls made their way to the basement den and eventually a big pallet on the floor where they could settle down to popcorn and a late movie.  We tried to join them for a while but the events of the day gave way to tired bodies and soon we all found a bed where we could get a good nights sleep before our Sunday School teachers had to get up early the following morning.

(I should add a note here that pays tribute to my steadfast husband who did not join us for dinner but stayed and ate quietly in his sealed office upstairs never once giving us cause to shout, "Man in the Hall!".)

Soon, after a happy early morning breakfast, everyone was gone and we were off the church with Emily to meet the others already there.  Wow, was it quiet Sunday afternoon, the giggles and chatter absorbed into the walls made it a place I still wanted to be.

Talk about a gift that keeps on giving; it couldn't have been more valuable had it been  Frankincense and Myrrh, for it is another added treasure to my memory box.

Oh, I forgot to tell you the very reason the thought came into my mind that I wanted to write this post in the first place...WE ATE PIE!  Sure wish I had some. ;)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thing of the Past?

With facebook being the first thing we sign into these days, it seems familychatterbox is becoming a thing of the past.  All my spare time has been used seeing what everybody else is doing, instead of recording my favorite moments and feelings for the hand full of people who faithfully check the box for news of family.

Anyway, Mom made a trip to Northcroft this past weekend and I want a record of her coming.  My sister Judy and her husband Louis gave of their time and energy to bring her and pick up the slack, with the work that needed doing,  because I am still one handed/armed/ from having rotator cuff surgery almost 5 weeks ago.

Really, Louis was recovering from minor surgery too so it was up to Sister to take care of us all!  I pushed to do more than I otherwise would have, so now, as usual,  I am stronger for the time spent in the mountains. (photo by Judy)

The early morning hours, evenings and nights were cold enough for a roaring fire yet the days were perfect for a long walk and a hike to the waterfall and to Egypt. Louis and Judy even did a little firearm shooting to stay in good practice with the guns they own.

Between us we brought enough food to feed our mountain appetites and enjoyed it at a candle-lit table.

Mom did great, getting from one small place to another.  She was a trouper and left with a promise to return.

Thanks guys for making the effort to come and spend time together.  Please know the doors of Northcroft are always open to you...  Speaking of doors, because of what my brother did for me this same weekend, I can now view the inside front door area by internet whenever I want and hopefully soon (next time I go) the outside as well.  I can do this through the eye of a camera; ordered and installed by Hugh!  

(From #1 security camera.)

P. S.  Terrence stayed home and attended a Board of Governor's meeting of the Georgia Bar.  He is so faithful to his profession and so generous not to begrudge me time in the mountains.  Hope we can make it there together this weekend!