Saturday, March 30, 2013

Join the Chorus


Easter is the ever shining Light
in The Valley of the Shadow of Life
Whose gleam dispels the darkness
Of men's minds;
Whose radiance penetrates the hardness
Of men's hearts;
Whose glory transcends the outreach
 Of all time.

Easter's Victory has robbed death of its sting;

Easter's Vitality is regenerating a new humanity;

Easter's eVentuallity is the Kingdom of God on earth.

Mabel Smith Brown


Crusts of earth are opening
Green shoots are peering through
Buds on trees are bursting
New life's coming into view.

Nature tells us Christ has risen!
Freshness of life appears.
Spring-time is unfolding
Nature shouts triumphant cheers.

Man too may join the chorus;
Sing out with clear accord.
For life anew is ours
Through Jesus Christ The Lord!

Mable Smith Brown

Happy Easter!

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fweakijam said...

For those of you who may not know, Mable Smith Brown is Terrence's grandmother and mother of Anita B. Croft.