Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Molly's going to China!

Monday, Dec. 4Th, our very own Molly Croft is going to China...for a week! She will arrive in Beijing, with other delegates from Georgia Tech, to join up with a team from Peking University and participate with some sort of great workshop.
Molly will have the privilege of seeing things like The Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Ming Tombs and how life is lived in China. Wow! I can't wait for her to come back with tales of her adventure. We'll all get an education.
Shannon will stay home with the kids and their busy school and extracurricular schedules. I think in order to fill Molly's rotation, he has cancelled all business appointments after 4 p.m. so he can stay on top of things.
Have a safe and wonderful trip Molly. Take lots of pictures and bring home lots of Christmas presents! (Shannon expects all Christmas shopping to be done by the time she gets if she will have time!) We're sending you off with our love, prayers and good wishes. You GO Girl!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I am Thankful...

Today I was reminded of days gone by. Back in 2002, after our Thanksgiving day together, Kimberly sent her jouneral entry to me. It filled my heart and I never forgot it. I am posting it on the Chatterbox as a way of saying; I am grateful for each of you, of the times we have spent together and of the sheer joy you have brought into my life. For those of you who will join Terrence (Dad) and I this Thanksgiving...I can't wait to see you, to pray in thanksgiving with you, to spend time with you again and to share a meal. For those who will be somewhere else this year, I pray you will pass the love around the table until everone is full and be thankful, for the more you give away the more you will have. Happy Thanksgiving. You are loved...
-By Mimi
Journal entry, thanksgiving 2002

..."it's funny-that family thing. We gather at mom's. All coming from
separate lives--with separate desires of the heart--with separate internal
struggles and emotions. Whether spoken or unspoken, we know. We're reminded
of mom's loss and battle with elderly parents through the special leaves she
adds to the thankful tree. And the silliness of the S-C's--trying to lighten
the load of heaviness that is felt, too. Yet, knowing...we go on with the
day...only to realize our tradition is too being deep-seeded in the hearts
of each of us there.

We all congregate in the kitchen. Kids disperse and make there way to their
separate hide-a-ways. Girls go to the nursery and boys, who-knows-where, to
seek adventure. Deet home sharing her stories of college and making all of
us wish we were 18 again (only for a moment). Mom and the girls scurry in
the kitchen. Shannon brings the traditional "beef log". Tradition? Why
yes....Mom makes the best turkey breasts of the season, Shannon steps out
with food that pushes our taste buds to the edge (and we like it). The S-C's
bring the cheescake-o-the-day, Mary makes an awesome salad, Marleen and
Shannon bring the dueling squash while Deet scurries to cut the fruit and
adds her personal dressing touch to an old tried and true. Terr leads in the
prayer of thanks--more tailored for the children but we know the deeper
prayer of thanks in his heart. Kids settle at their respective places that
Mimi has made so special. After everyone is served, Mom sits in amazement
that the food actually looks good despite not making it all herself and
grateful that she didn't have to.

After the feast, we move to the dining room to share past tails of
vacations. As we laugh together, I find myself longing for more memories
together. I think of how fleeting the years pass and pray that God will
grant us with more memories that will make us laugh together for a long time
to come.

As the day goes on, we settle into just who we are--Deet off to J----'s, the
boys at the bar working in the activity book, Molly upstairs in the nursery
reading Wizard of Oz to the girls (and Joey), the men lounging in the den
pontificating on who-knows-what, Mom in the kitchen trying to make sense of
the mess, I wondering around trying to find a place where I would be most

Tradition--oh yes--tradition. And as I get older, these traditions get
fonder. No longer do I long for another tradition or a deeper meaning for
the day of thanks. I cherish ours because the day is shaped by the people
who are in it. We give our hearts the way we know how. And that makes our
tradition so unique and not like any other. That makes us a family.

My prayer is that we all continue to deepen our love for eachother, to
recognize the needs of one another, to cherish our differences and to
embrace our tradition and long for more.

From the heart.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Beta Log-In Trauma?

All -

I've gone and messed up the family chatterbox! Last time I logged in, Blogger asked me if I wanted to upgrade to Blogger Beta, which has cooler features. After I agreed to upgrade, I found out that the Blogger account gets tied to the administrator's Google account (I guess Google bought Blogger?). Anyway, if you've had trouble logging in, that's why. I've attempted to remedy the situation by creating a communal Google account for us all to use to log in. I'll email you all the log-in and password personally. Sorry about the mess!

Princess Mononoke

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ford's basketball schedule

Ford had a very successful baseball season, he was exciting to watch! If anyone wants to attend a Saturday basketball game you might enjoy stopping by Decatur High School:
2 p.m. on 12-2
3:30 p.m. on 12-9
1:30 p.m. on 12-16
2:30 p.m. on 1-6
1:30 on 1-13
2:30 on 1-20
3:30 on 1-27
3:30 p.m. on 2-3

Post your schedule, whatever it may be, you never know when someone might be in the neighborhood and could stop in to watch you do the things you like to do. Have a good season Ford!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Brian shows his youth...

...after endearing us with your rendition of the Banana Boat Dance, our last night at Grayton Beach, I wanted to wish you a special birthday wish this day. Happy Day and many, many more dances to come... Sorry to say, you need a little more flare to keep up with Kim and Tom...and Mike, with his famous sideways swing, just can't be beat....but I was impressed. Keep up the good work. You are loved by us, Happy 39th!!


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Andrew's birthday today...

Shhhh....everyone is waiting for the week end celebration at Northcroft, so take it easy and get all rested up...(hope you sneak in a few good presents and some cake and ice cream.

Happy, Happy




We love you,

-Mimi and Grandad

Monday, November 06, 2006

If you give a mouse a cookie....

...You remember more and more of what you forgot! Happy Anniversary to Brian and Kristin too! They celebrated their 11th on 10/28/06. What a wonderful legacy! I love you-Mimi

Graced by another Anniversary!

Mike and Mary Regas, November 6, 1993

I am happy to announce yet another anniversary in our family. Congratulation to Mike and Mary for a marriage well done. Many, many, happy returns of the day! May God continue to bless you and your family.

Michael has also merged with another firm! You can find him at;
Houck, Ilardi & Regas, LLC.
His new partners are, Brad Houck and Frank Ilardi. He will be located at:
Two Ravina Drive
Suite 800
Atlanta, GA 30346

Wow!...New condo, building new house, new partners, new office...exciting thing are happening in the Regas family! If it gets to be too much, we're here for any comfort of the familiar you might need. T and I are proud of you. -Mom

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Joe and Issy Rock

...and if you dont belive them...ask Napoleon Dynamite!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Happy 16th Wedding Anniversary!

Congratulation To Kim and Tom!

A little bird reminded me that today is a special day for Kim and Tom. Your love and devotion benefit us all. We wish you more of the same forever and always.

Today's Blast from the Past has to be....

Our beautiful Bride, Nov. 3, 1990


Thursday, November 02, 2006

I left Nana today,

looking well and ready

to face the world...I am so

proud of the way she has

recouperated from her

surgery. Keep

up the good

work old girl, you give us

hope in our future. I love you!!!

Halloween 2006: Emily, the cat

Andrew, the Knight and Will, the Happy Spider!!!

Thanks for the pic! I'll post all the spooks if you will send their pictures.