Monday, October 31, 2011

More Treats on Halloween Night...

William, as the Knight in Shinning Armor and Emily, as the Color Green!

The bewitching hour is approaching ...


Pirate and his mate

Lady Gaga
From facebook postings I'm beginning to see that the spooks are starting to emerge!  Have a safe exciting Halloween everyone...and send me your pictures!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


“Isabelle tried out and made the 2011-2012 Atlanta Colts Competitive Squad today, she is so excited!  She had worked so hard on her back handsprings and it paid off!”…

This girl is a ball of enthusiasm and I love watching her cheer.  I also witnessed her giving her all doing that perfect back handsprings and I could see the excitement on her face at the accomplishment.  YEA ISSY!  You and the rest of the magnificent nine are giving us so much to cheer about!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

William WINS for the second year!

I would like to say that Mimi's photography camp at Northcroft this past summer prepared him for his school's photo competition, where he recently won 1st place, but since this is William's second year in a row to win; I  think he is just a natural!   The theme this year was diversity and from my experience in the North GA apple houses and Mrs. Oliver's kitchen, I'd say he hit the nail on the head!  

Congratulations William!

News Flash!

Emily and friends had an early  Halloween party tonight and these creative (BFF) geniuses put their heads together, turned them into  crayola points and are going to be the Belles of the ball!

Check out the feather eyelashes and the color coordinated fingernail polish and hair ribbons.  They also made their shirts!

Have fun girls and color your world beautiful.

Got me all excited about Halloween.  Please, please send me pictures of yourselves in costumes.  Chatterbox needs a little creativity!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What's a Kalu Yala?

It surely has been nice having Kate home for the last several weeks, but she left yesterday morning for yet another adventure. Behind this venture is a company (with progressive ideas) called Kalu Yala, She will be working with its CEO and former Westminster classmate.  The project involves seeking investors, as well as lifestyle ideas and creating an ecco- friendly, self sustaining community, at the edge of the Panamanian rain forest.  The land has been purchased, many interns are working their magic and they are now well into the next phase of the project...taking their ideas to investors and contributors all over the world.

Good luck Kate, I know Kalu Yala is lucky to have you on its team.

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Thursday, October 06, 2011


Emily is playing this week in a production of Alice In Wonderland. She is playing the part of the Mock Turtle, and sings a lovely but sad solo about soup. :)

Issy ran for and won a seat on the St. Martin's School Student Council.

William has become a trendsetter and has designated Fridays "Tie Day Friday" at his school.

Kate is preparing for an investment campaign with the CEO of a super-sustainable Panamanian development called Kalu Yala. (Read about it here!) It has been in the planning stages for a couple of years and is now ready to take off! With all the research and preparation she has been doing I am sure she will be an asset to the company. Good Luck, Kate and Kalu Yala!!

Joe was recently featured in Atlanta Magazine in an ad for St. Martin School.

Beth and Adrienne's wedding photos are in! They can be viewed here.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Birthday Note

Happy Birthday to son-in-law, Tom!

October 3, 1964