Thursday, October 06, 2011


Emily is playing this week in a production of Alice In Wonderland. She is playing the part of the Mock Turtle, and sings a lovely but sad solo about soup. :)

Issy ran for and won a seat on the St. Martin's School Student Council.

William has become a trendsetter and has designated Fridays "Tie Day Friday" at his school.

Kate is preparing for an investment campaign with the CEO of a super-sustainable Panamanian development called Kalu Yala. (Read about it here!) It has been in the planning stages for a couple of years and is now ready to take off! With all the research and preparation she has been doing I am sure she will be an asset to the company. Good Luck, Kate and Kalu Yala!!

Joe was recently featured in Atlanta Magazine in an ad for St. Martin School.

Beth and Adrienne's wedding photos are in! They can be viewed here.


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Fantastic picture of my beautiful sister. Class act from William. Mooo to Emily. Vote Republican Issy. H2O Joe. Maritial bliss to Adrienne and Beth!
Thanks, Mom for keeping us together.
So much love.

fweakijam said...

Kimberly...Thank you for your comment and your love for family. It is indeed my hearts desire to keep us all together! With love, Mama