Tuesday, September 30, 2008

TLC's 50th High School Reunion

This past weekend, Terrence and I went to his 50th High School Reunion in Saint Louis! He attended a wonderful private school called John Burroughs. The buildings were rich with history, delightful architecture, wooden tables and an old, collegiate feel. Lunch is still served family style, with a teacher at the head of each table making sure of proper table manners. Students are assigned a different table partner each month to discourage cliques and encourage a wider circle of friends. Interesting note...the headmaster was in the same class as Terr's brother, Tim, and is retiring this year after 23 years of service.

Our first night took us to the home of a classmate for cocktails and dinner, just like it was five years ago when we went for the 45th. It was a lovely party and the food was delicious...My "beau" was the best-looking one there.

The next morning, we all met up at JBS for coffee and bagels, then loaded on a bus for a trip to Woodsvalley Farm in Steelville, where classmates John and Judy Woods served a wonderful lunch and entertained us with John's elaborate miniature train collection and five miles of track, complete with beautiful scenery, trestles, tunnels, railroad crossing poles and lights, miniature water towers, train museums and everything else train that you can think of! Look at this - you won't believe it! We had fascinating a day.

Sunday morning took us to the Headmaster's house for a meet-and-greet, then over to the school for brunch. Afterward, we toured the school and reminisced about old times. Terr found his picture (and those of his siblings) in the giant wall frames of class pictures and his name on the wall plaque, noting his senior year as Speaker of the Assembly.

It was really nice to get to know Terr's (or Terry's, as they call him) classmates. They made me feel welcomed and part of the group. Congratulations, T, on your 50th! I was really proud of you...

Then: 1958

Now: 2008

If you are interested in more pictures, you can see them at this link, where I have created a website for Terr's classmates to visit.

May your train keep moving on! -Merry

Friday, September 26, 2008

If you have to cut down trees, get the right guys...

I am amazed every time someone gives his/her best, and that is what I experienced this past week while having to cut down some of my favorite trees at Northcroft. I spent three days watching hard working, skillful men do an excellent job. Here is the story in pictures...

P.S. No other trees were unnecessarily damaged in the making of this film. :)

Trees Gently removed by Bo's Tree Service from Croft on Vimeo.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sept. 19th

Joys of a birthday....

Special morning family breakfast with very special gifts
Surprises that came with flowers
Mother and Daughter luncheon
Good Friends stopping by
Gifts that sparkle
Greetings from extended Family
Dinner with Tom then time reflecting under the stars

Glad your birthday was magical.
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

9/19/66 - My Daughter, Kim

My Daughter, Kim

I love saying, “My Daughter, Kim”. I say it with much pride and endearment.
I say, without stretching the truth, that she is beautiful, she has a good eye for design, she has a humble desire to be the best mother she can possibly be, she dearly loves her husband of 18 years and, most importantly, she has a heart for God.

I count on this child for so much. She is my prayer-partner, my friend, my confident, my decorator and my loving daughter. She gave me a great son-in-law and three absolutely divine grandchildren.

For 42 out of my 61 years, she has always been there for me, as well for anyone else who was in need. So again this year(http://familychatterbox.blogspot.com/2007/09/birthday-girl.html), on the occasion of her birthday, I have to say the gift is, and has always been, mine.

Happy Birthday, Kimberly…Happy, Happy Birthday, with all my love,


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Monday, September 08, 2008

Weekend Winners!

Although I was a bit under the weather, the weekend turned out to be a winner.

Friday night brought Terrence and me to the Murphy Candler football fields to watch Joe (No. 82) play and Mike (defensive coach) coach for the Rams. Although the team brought home a tie game, the defense didn't give up a point! Joe played most of the game with his various skills as kicker, and offensive guard and defensive end. Way to go guys! I have a feeling it's going to be a winning year!

I must mention that this father and son team also WON yet another golf tournament at their club, the weekend before this one. It was made even more special because Isabelle was the caddy!!

Saturday morning, Grandad donned his Woodward shirt and hat and off he went to watch Ford's game...guess I will have to go soon in order to bring you pictures! I understand they lost by one point in a cliff-hanger, then Ford was off to study for his many honors classes! Needless to say, Grandad is proud to wear Ford's colors.

I rallied from a backache and a bad reaction to medication, by Sunday. It's one my favorite times of the week; I get to sit between Andrew and Emily at Church, and pick up William from the nursery afterwards. The talk of the S-C family is that Andrew got the lead part in the upcoming Jr. High Play: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow! Okay guys, this is big! We know he is a good actor, but he must be really good to get the lead so early in his jr. high years! Way to go Andrew!!!

Morgan has started softball (haven't gotten the results of her first game yet) and William starts soccer next week... so get ready for more great pics!

Sunday afternoon I took Isabelle shopping to spend her birthday money. We had a delightful trip to the American Girl Doll store in Alpharetta, GA and down memory for me. Although the collection has grown by leaps and bounds, Kate was also a fan of the delightful creations, when she was a young girl like Issy. I even bought the movie made about Kate's doll to add to the trunk in my basement that waits for Kate to take home some day, for the next generation.

Issy and I had a good time and then we had to move on to her Brownie meeting.

My goodness these kids are busy. I'll fill you in more. later.

I love weekends filled with family. The more the Merrier!


Saturday, September 06, 2008

Word from the East Coast (Hampstead, NC)

Good morning everyone!

We just wanted to let you know that all is well here with us. Tropical Storm Hanna passed through in the wee hours - we slept through most of it! We did hear the wind banging around our hurricane shutters, but there was not much rain at all! We probably only got about 2 inches and wouldn't have minded a bit more rain! The electricity went out while the winds were howling and just as I got up to make a quick pot of coffee, trying to beat what I knew was probably going to happen. But, happily, it came back on at about 8 a.m., so we have our caffeine available, air conditioning humming along, all is well, and we are going about our usual routines. We are grateful!

love to all from us..........

Tim and Margaret

(We too are grateful that all is well! -Merry)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

9/5 Birthday Announcement...

When Isabelle's happy...Every body's happy! (and that's most of the time!)
Let's all wish for Issy a great day of celebration on Sept 5Th,
because our little ray of sunshine is having a birthday.
I understand that this year for her birthday, always learning Isabelle,
is going to a cooking class with her school friends
and a knitting class with her cousins!

When I ask her Mother to give me some personal information about Issy, she enthusiastically writes:

"where to start with her!...the team she is cheering for is the 9 year old Colts..she is the 'fly girl' which is the one that is on top or being lifted up in all the stunts...she is also in gymnastics, takes piano and is a Brownie. She LOVES school!!! She is in Ms. Boone's 2nd grade class. She says she doesn't have just one best friend but at least 3 at school...they are Mary Kathryn, Kate and Emily...she still giggles ALL THE TIME!!! She loves to read, knit, play 'school' and 'teenager'...talks to herself and her imaginary 'students' constantly...hopes to be a singer some day but really wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up and own a retail store with me that sells women's and childrens clothes!!! I hope that happens! Her fave food is soup..any kind of soup...after that it is vegetables and then sushi. She loves candy too."

I'd say this about says it all. :)

Isabelle was born in the year 2000 and will be turning 8 years old!

Happy Birthday Dear Issy

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Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day Week End

  1. Yesterday I sat on a rock, my feet in the cool water, looking up, then down creek at the beautiful shade over the rushing water. My camera was in hand as was a slice of white bread that I carefully balled up into tiny crumbs and tossed into the water at my feet. I laughed as the minnows flocked, tickling my legs as they scurried to be the first to eat the tiny morsels. Taking lots of pictures, trying to get just one that was in focus and could capture my delight, I must have stayed there for 30 minutes enjoying another aspect of my labor day week end.

It was a good afternoon. Terrence and I worked together, picking up and burning large quantities of sticks and limbs laying around the property. Later I took hot dogs, apples, fancy colored marshmallows and drinks, out on a tray, for us to enjoy around the fire. We sat there until dark, eating, reflecting and enjoying the fire and the life we have made for ourselves, trying to appreciate it to it's fullest.

Earlier in the day we visited with our friends from down creek, Willard and Cherie, and their son Barry. Barry has terminal cancer. We all were trying to enjoy the moment of just being together, but a sadness lingered as Barry's wife and 14 year old son put on brave faces. Willard and Cherie just celebrated 50 years of marriage together.

I ask for your prayers of peace and hope.

I guess that's all I have to say about that...except...

Carpe' Diem! (Seize the Day!)