Tuesday, September 30, 2008

TLC's 50th High School Reunion

This past weekend, Terrence and I went to his 50th High School Reunion in Saint Louis! He attended a wonderful private school called John Burroughs. The buildings were rich with history, delightful architecture, wooden tables and an old, collegiate feel. Lunch is still served family style, with a teacher at the head of each table making sure of proper table manners. Students are assigned a different table partner each month to discourage cliques and encourage a wider circle of friends. Interesting note...the headmaster was in the same class as Terr's brother, Tim, and is retiring this year after 23 years of service.

Our first night took us to the home of a classmate for cocktails and dinner, just like it was five years ago when we went for the 45th. It was a lovely party and the food was delicious...My "beau" was the best-looking one there.

The next morning, we all met up at JBS for coffee and bagels, then loaded on a bus for a trip to Woodsvalley Farm in Steelville, where classmates John and Judy Woods served a wonderful lunch and entertained us with John's elaborate miniature train collection and five miles of track, complete with beautiful scenery, trestles, tunnels, railroad crossing poles and lights, miniature water towers, train museums and everything else train that you can think of! Look at this - you won't believe it! We had fascinating a day.

Sunday morning took us to the Headmaster's house for a meet-and-greet, then over to the school for brunch. Afterward, we toured the school and reminisced about old times. Terr found his picture (and those of his siblings) in the giant wall frames of class pictures and his name on the wall plaque, noting his senior year as Speaker of the Assembly.

It was really nice to get to know Terr's (or Terry's, as they call him) classmates. They made me feel welcomed and part of the group. Congratulations, T, on your 50th! I was really proud of you...

Then: 1958

Now: 2008

If you are interested in more pictures, you can see them at this link, where I have created a website for Terr's classmates to visit.

May your train keep moving on! -Merry


Queenie said...

I will not comment until you
comment on our 25 mile trip to
The Queen

Kate said...

Great post, and the video is awesome! Glad you guys had such a good time getting back to Dad's roots. :) I love you!

Kate said...

Also, that is a lovely picture of you.

Queenie said...

Now - - - What a wonderful trip it
must have been for Terrence to take
his beautiful bride to St Louis
and let her see the people he went
to school with in High School.
A great blog and I know you were the youngest couple there. A good
life certainly shows doesn't it.
I love your hair and I know you are
enjoying it. It looks beautiful.

family said...

Queenie, you are too much. :) Thank you for the sweet compliments.


Queenie said...

I also meant to say, "Who else would wear a Burrough's jacket
but Terr.
As a matter of fact who would have
one after 50 years?
Cute Pictures.

juju said...

Looks like great fun. You both look great!