Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sept. 19th

Joys of a birthday....

Special morning family breakfast with very special gifts
Surprises that came with flowers
Mother and Daughter luncheon
Good Friends stopping by
Gifts that sparkle
Greetings from extended Family
Dinner with Tom then time reflecting under the stars

Glad your birthday was magical.
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Queenie said...
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Queenie said...

There can be but only one Queen and I am it. ! !
The Queen

family said...

Queenie-I'm so sorry, but this was only Queen for the (Birth) Day... Lady-in-waiting sort of thing. Never meant to be disrespectful to Your Majesty!

We remain you loyal subjects...

Merry and Kim

Queenie said...

Respectfully accept your correction.

Therefore I will say this is a
beauty that you gave birth to all
those years ago in Okinawa.
She looks so lovely in pictures.
Have a wonderful year princess.