Wednesday, September 03, 2008

9/5 Birthday Announcement...

When Isabelle's happy...Every body's happy! (and that's most of the time!)
Let's all wish for Issy a great day of celebration on Sept 5Th,
because our little ray of sunshine is having a birthday.
I understand that this year for her birthday, always learning Isabelle,
is going to a cooking class with her school friends
and a knitting class with her cousins!

When I ask her Mother to give me some personal information about Issy, she enthusiastically writes:

"where to start with her!...the team she is cheering for is the 9 year old Colts..she is the 'fly girl' which is the one that is on top or being lifted up in all the stunts...she is also in gymnastics, takes piano and is a Brownie. She LOVES school!!! She is in Ms. Boone's 2nd grade class. She says she doesn't have just one best friend but at least 3 at school...they are Mary Kathryn, Kate and Emily...she still giggles ALL THE TIME!!! She loves to read, knit, play 'school' and 'teenager'...talks to herself and her imaginary 'students' constantly...hopes to be a singer some day but really wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up and own a retail store with me that sells women's and childrens clothes!!! I hope that happens! Her fave food is soup..any kind of soup...after that it is vegetables and then sushi. She loves candy too."

I'd say this about says it all. :)

Isabelle was born in the year 2000 and will be turning 8 years old!

Happy Birthday Dear Issy

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Queenie said...

You look so great on Mimi's blog.
I am so glad to see you and realize it is your birthday.
My, My eight years old. That is
almost a teenager.
Have a happy day and I hope to see you soon.