Tuesday, April 29, 2008

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Young Lady's Bedroom


The Atlanta Symphony Associates 2008 Decorators' Show House and Gardens.

Don't miss my work at the Show House now until May 11, 2008.


(Kim's room at the Show House has been picked up by Traditional Homes Magazine! She has had such good response from those who come and look. If you haven't already, try and go to see for yourselves. She would be so pleased to see you there.)

Monday, April 28, 2008

"The Crofts Do Brooklyn!"

"The Crofts Do Brooklyn!". This was the title on a nine page itinerary that Kate printed up for Terrence and me, for our visit with her and Jeremy this past weekend. Every minute was carefully planned with fascinating activities, beautiful tours, delicious food, interesting art and special time in Kate and Jeremy's surroundings, so we could know more about their lives together.

Our visit started off when we opened the door to our hotel room and found Kate sitting in a chair with a big smile on her face, metro cards in her hand for us and a beautiful full picnic basket sitting next to her...She had thought of everything! You will just have to watch the rest in pictures... It goes like this:
1. Picnic in the Orchard at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (where Kate and I had made plans to lie under the cherry trees and take pictures).
2. Roof Party at Love Lane (parents of a friend of Jeremy and Kate's that went to the same prep school that Terrence did. Kate also thought to make and bring along a delicious cake offering for our hosts!).

Second Day: Retrieved from our hotel at 8:30:
1. Tour of the Greenmarket to buy ingredients for breakfast.
2. Tour of Kate and Jeremy's neighborhood and of their new home, then a wonderful breakfast made by Kate.
3. Visit to the Frick Art Collection.
4. Sketched in Central Part.
5. Chinatown for dinner (to try soup dumplings!).
6. And a Mainstage performance at an NYU theatre.

Third Day: We were picked up by Kate and Jeremy at 10:00:
1. Taken for Kate's Birthday Brunch at their favorite restaurant in Brooklyn. After a leisurely time together we were escorted back to our hotel to get our bags and freshen up a bit for our trip home. A car had been arranged to take us to the airport.

We were totally taken care of the whole time we were there. Relive the visit with us by way of these pictures...and thanks to all who sent special birthday greetings, wishes and gifts to New York along with us. From time to time each day, I would pull one out to give to our birthday girl. It made for many special moments and it was so much fun!

Enjoy the pictures of our memory making...

Today is Kate's real birthday date. She had to listen to her birth story (yet, again) while we were in New York (and that of her siblings!) It was a sweet story, and still is...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Brooklyn kind of Birthday!

Terrence and I are taking a Birthday party to New York City! Our baby is turning 24 years old and we can't wait to spend some time with her on her Birthday week end. We will represent all of you with good wishes for the BEST year of her life! Next year at this time we will be anticipating the count down to her wedding day!

Happy Birthday Kate!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

"For the Little Lady, Innocent & Serene"

Before I lose one more minute of the glow (reflected off my daughter, Kim), I want to report how very proud I was of her today. Through her, Terrence and I were invited to a "Suppliers' Party" after first touring the Atlanta Decorator's Show House & Gardens. Our first stop was to go up the circular staircase to the "Girl's Bedroom" on the second floor, which was decorated by Regas Interiors, namely, our Kimberly...

Can you imagine our reaction upon entering this lovely room? This picture speaks a thousand words, and it only shows half of what was there!

(note the scripture, left bottom: "And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me."- Matthew 18:5)

When you go, and I know you will (you have from now through May 11th to see for yourself), just stand in that room for a little while and listen to the lovely things that people say as they enter the space. It will make you proud too!

Don't miss the special touches that Kim added to her room: photographs of her inspiration, crystal kisses on the bedside table, Gayma's tea set, scripture on a silver bracelet...and a painting, done by her mother, in the center of the double window surrounded by beautiful draperies over a luxurious daybed. I mention these things because they could have been replaced by much more elegant pieces of art and decorator extravagances, but she put her heart in her room as well as her talent. It wasn't until I got home that I noticed my name (and those of other family members) in not one, but several printed acknowledgment statements. I was humbled and touched at her generosity. A decoratored room with a heart and soul... It was obvious that that room had been prayed over.

The Show House Magazine:

<-The cover.

Kim's page inside ->

Tom and the children were a big part of what happened in this beautiful room. As I said earlier those "photos of her inspiration," the children, supported in more ways than they know...and Tom, well, he is a hero. I've never known a man so supportive and helpful. Today, Kim ran out of the above printed cards for guests to take home (ones Tom helped create for Kim). Tom put the children in the car and drove the 30 minutes it took to deliver another box to the show house. This has been a team effort, as it has to be with a family that has three children, and they worked perfectly together.

In showing you some of these pictures, I hope I don't take away from the thrill of seeing the room for the first time for yourselves. Kim has put months of time and effort into this project, she has grown from it and would be honored to share it with the ones she loves.

Special Note to Kim: I wish you much success my darling daughter. I am so proud of you, your girl's room and the way you conduct yourself professionally, with genuine grace. -Mom

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Enjoy! ... it's free

In the Mountains, Spring is poking it's head out of the forest floor. It seems different than the way it presents itself in Atlanta, it comes more slowly for sure, but more than that, it comes in a more unplanned way. It is like a surprise that's to be savored and appreciated, so delicate and almost instant death if taken...yet it's free.

I love to walk the mountain roads looking for these treasures after a long barren winter. Like promises from God it nourishes my soul and gives me hope for a world of complex beauty and harmony. Even the decay of winter's leavings accentuates it's beauty. I know it's a little late for most places, but if you have a chance, don't miss Spring. It will inspire you and make your heart glad.
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Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Birthday Surprise!

Terrence's wish was to go to the mountains for his birthday. It had been a long while since he smelled the fresh air of Northcroft...

Andrew, Emily and I decorated the cabin and planned a balloon drop in honor of Grandad's 68th birthday. Even though it was a day early, when the birthday boy arrived, he was put in the seat of honor and balloons fell to the family singing, "Happy Birthday to you!". Thank you kids for all your help blowing up all 60 of those balloons! It was GREAT!!

Tomorrow (the 13th) he will wake up to a much different atmosphere... just me, a card, a gift (+ the one Tom and Kim left behind for him) and a wish to share many, many, many more birthdays with the man of my heart.
The first thing we will do in the morning is call Morgan (remember, it's her birthday tomorrow too!). I understand that she had a Volcano Party (something to do with an eruption?) today with her friends. Can't wait to hear about it! Last week end Joe had a party with his classmates at school. They went to a place and played Lazar Tag!

Every birthday is a celebration, every year is precious...I'm happy you are living them well!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Happy Birthday in Sweet April!

Happy Birthday
To Joe

To Morgan

to my beloved, Terrence!

and to our youngest daughter, Kate

Glorious! You are my April blooms, without the pollen!
Mimi/Lovey/ Mom