Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Halloween!

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Check it out!!!! The opening tune for "Disney's Halloween Treat," my favorite holiday TV special EVER!

Your Nana is resting...
all is well in the kingdom.
Thank you for your love
and support. I appreciate
your concern and phone
calls. I know Nana does too.

All of Nana's children were here
today doing whatever they could to help. Hugh
and Louis spent most of the day cleaning up Nana's
yard while they waited to bring her home...and for
Nana, that was worth going to surgery for! She loves
a pretty yard. Dad (Terr) got my car ready, supplied
me with plenty cash, and promised to take care of
everything in Atlanta (and himself) so I wouldn't
have to worry while I was gone. He's only a phone
call away...and I used that privilege a couple of times

As you can see by the photo, your father and I have
declared ourselves to be a King and Queen for
tomorrow's Halloween. We order all subjects to:
(1) have a good time, (2) be nice to other spooks,
(3) easy on the tricks and (4) don't eat too much candy.
Remember, no matter what your costumes, to me, you
are all angels (even if you have a little rust on your halo.)

Happy Halloween! I can't wait for Thanksgiving!!!!!


Daily Blast #14: Halloween Countdown

Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley (Halloween 2005) wish you a very spooky All Hallow's Eve tomorrow...

Saturday, October 28, 2006

More Pirates

Friday, October 27, 2006

Got to get this one in...

Kate must tell us about the night, while Grandad and I were gone, leaving her in charge of the Trick-or-Treaters, she floated up and down the street in her nightgown, with a candle, scaring all the children. Glad I didn't have to come to her door! ~SCARY~

Kate is the master of costume design...and photography! What a Spirit!!


Emily's request granted...

Em is going to be a cat for Halloween this year and she wanted to see what Kate looked like in her Kitten years. It is hard to see her cat ears in these pictures, but I think they are still hanging around in the nursery attic if your cat is hard of hearing and needs a pair. I think the tail is long gone though. I bet you make a great looking cat Emily, just like Mattie! Happy Halloween!! -Mimi

You ask for it!

The Lees
P.S. I'm glad you discovered the Chatterbox, Andrew. :)

Halloween Fright!

Okay family, see if you can out
do Andrew's Halloween mask!
S C A R Y ! ! !

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Daily Blast #11 - Halloween Countdown

On behalf o' upcomin' Halloween festivities, I be needin' t' present this costumed pirate medley. More t' come, laddies!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Daily Blast #10

Anybody recognize this little chubbers? ;)

That's right - it's little Issy!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Daily Blast #9

He's on a swing here, for the record.

Cutest picture ever!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Daily Blast #8

Okay, so this picture isn't from that far in the past...but it's really cute :)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Daily Blast #7


...Best picture of Mom EVER


Daily Blast #6

William's first day =)

Friday, October 20, 2006

From the Queen

I like being Queen of the Gwens!

Thanks for the daily "Blast from the Past."

Queen Mother

Daily Blast #5


Thursday, October 19, 2006

How's This for Romance?

You want romance?

Kate, you want romance and romantic?

How about this!

P.S. I'm sure Mike is very romantic. How do you think he has managed to keep such a pretty wife happy all these years?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Daily Blast #4

Daily Blast #3

Speaking of Uncle Tim... that's him on the right, with Dad/Granddad/Terrence in the middle and Tom on his lap. =)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Natali is Amazing!

Natali (and Hugh) are fighting and winning the battle against tongue cancer! Natali has been incredibly strong and positive and Hugh has lovingly been at her side, supporting and encourageing her through this terrible ordeal. They have been quite the team.

Nana's e-mail today promised more of the same:

"Hugh called me yesterday about six. He put the phone to Natali's mouth, yes mouth, and she said, "I love you Mother",
just as well as she ever has! It is amazing. All tubes are out except feeding and trach. They will probably take trach out today and go home. I have not heard for sure. They will go back Friday and get the feeding tube out. They say she is a model patient and has had an outstanding recovery. Call out there if you want to later today. I have not heard, but yesterday he thought they would go today."


I just called Hugh and talked to Natali myself! I wouldn't say her speech was perfect but it was amazing how well she could talk. The most pain she has is from her leg where they took the second graft, other than that she says she is doing fine and insisted that home care not come to help her with therapy. She knows and will do all the excersises. The feeding tube will come out soon.

Now I know, even if she doesn't, that she still has a lot of healing to go through, so if any of you would like to support her with a card or letter her address is:

Natali Patton
4054 Kennedy Creek Road
Auburntown, TN 37016

ok . . . i'm testing it out Kate and Mimi -- cool idea

Daily Blast #2

That's Andrew up there!


Monday, October 16, 2006

Email forward from Uncle Tim

Hi you may know Layton and Ally are planning a big 10th anniversary wedding celebration in Driggs, Idaho in August 2007....16th thru 18. They hope that you will be able to attend. Margaret and I will rent a house there from Monday August 13 until Monday August 20. I have been in touch with the Alamo Car Rental manager at the Jackson Hole airport and he has cut us a deal. If you are interested in reserving a car at a signifcantly discounted price (for any of the days you might plan to be in the Jackson/Driggs area in August) just call 1-800-Go-Alamo and request contract ID. 707175. This will ensure that you will be offered a significantly discounted rate...and the good news is that Almo has a counter at the Jackson Hole airport making the shuttle trip into town unnecessary. So...just a heads up...if you are intersted. By the way, using this deal I was able to reserve a Chevy Suburban from Aug 13 to Aug 20 for $329. The regular retail rate for that car and that time period out there with Alamo is $520. So I think we've got a pretty good deal available to us all...simply fyi...please feel free to pass this info on to anyone else who might be able to join the festivities and take advantage of this good deal....Tim


(old pic of Layton, Ally, Chaandmon)

Blast from the Past #1: Your Daily Blast

Anyone remember exactly when/where this was taken?


Keep me posted...

Welcome Family! I want to know all the news and all the cute and important things that you and my precious grandchildren are doing so keep me posted!!!

Thanks to Kate for creating this blog site to keep us connected.

Love to you all,


P.S. I need a good picture of Beth so I can add her to the family photo. Please!