Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Service ends for the Summer


From the "blue room" the cast of Apostlelot says goodbye for the summer.

Tom (the Knight) and Andrew (the Page) have tirelessly performed for Apostle's youth during the Sunday School hour this year. Lines have been learned and plays have walked children through moral and spiritual conflict. Every child sighed with sadness when they were told Apostlelot stories would end for the summer.

Truly, Knight and Page have been an inspiration to many (including Mimi and Grandad who have sat in on a few delightful performances). I'm telling you, folks, we have some talent in this family, only to be outdone by God's gift of giving. Bravo, Andrew and Tom! I am sure your crowns will be many.

Tom has used his long-running talent for God's glory and we agree he is a natural on the stage. The children love him, and when walking down the church halls with him, I often hear a child whisper, "Look, look, there goes the Knight!"

Andrew is graduating to the middle school group next year. He is so loved and effective as Page, that all have agreed he should come back to the kingdom for an encore next year! BRAVO ANDREW, BRAVO!

What a treat it has been to watch you give back the talents God has given you.

I know Mike gives his talent to run a charitable golf tournament. Mary, gives her time and talent to many homeroom and elementary school programs. Kim, to decorating and taking pictures at school functions. Molly is also a leader on the Children's School board and Shannon gives countless hours to Ford's little league ball team as assistant coach. Kristin and Brian, as well, are busy with ball clubs and the many other interests Keegan and Aidan are involved in. I mention this just to touch on a few of your endeavors.

I say this to support each of you. Your children and others you touch through them will long remember what great parents you are, and maybe one day, they will emulate the care and love you show.

Now rest and have a great summer!


Friday, May 25, 2007

Beth gets promoted to Vice Present, West Coast!

Official Notice reads...

Greetings all.

I am thrilled to announce that our very own Bethann Croft has joined my COS leadership team as AVP, West.

Bethann graduated with an undergrad degree in Anthropology/Archaeology from Northwestern University . After a few years of trying to make it big with her college folk band (yah, knowing Bethann I can't quite picture that either but I hear she looks darn cute in frilly dresses and used to have long, feathered hair!), she headed back to Atlanta to get a law degree from Emory.

She woke up one morning and realized she really just wasn't that into being a lawyer, so she moved on and began teaching LSAT with TPR 2002. She has been with us ever since and has done stints as a Marketing Director, as Executive Director of the Atlanta office and most recently as a Doyenne in our Exec training and mentoring program.

Over the next few weeks, Bethann will be transitioning out of her current role and dividing her time between Atlanta and the West coast.

Please join me in congratulating Bethann on her promotion.


Beth Milner
VP, Operations
The Princeton Review
Wow! Her Father and I are so very proud of the things Beth has accomplished. We all know of her long hours and super human efforts to do the best job possible. Her reward is well deserved.
For us, losing Beth to San Francisco will be hard, even with the knowledge that she, Kristin and the boys will be close together at last. (I think we need a game plan girls...at least two visits a year!) In the mean time, congratulations Beth. Let's have a family dinner party before you leave.
Know that we love you and are pulling for your happiness and success in California.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

TLC gets Distinguished Service Award!

Today my husband escorted me to the Piedmont Driving Club to attend the Annual Meeting and Member Awards Luncheon of the Atlanta Bar Association. Joining us at our table were Terr's law firm partners: Carlton King and Tom Croft.

Four distinguished services awards were given. One of those awards went to Terrence for establishing and heading up the Atlanta Bar Foundation Fellows Program, 2005-2007. He accepted with pride and didn't miss the opportunity to encourage others to join him on the list of contributors (a poster which he held high in the air for all to see) and also insisted that they not miss this year's Bard Show on June 1st and 2nd, which benefits the foundation.

Terr has tirelessly served the legal community all his professional life, and doesn't show signs of slowing down. It gives me such pleasure to see him rewarded for his years of service. I am so proud to walk by his side.

TLC's woman

Monday, May 21, 2007

A visit from Joe and Isabelle

I just wanted to share my delightful visit with Joe and Isabelle tonight. Issy has so much enjoyable stuff to talk about, and Joe is a just a prince of a fellow (even when sick). Whenever I am with any of my grandchildren I am so amazed at how delightful they are. Totally, a pleasure.

Will and I had an adventure in this AM. We set out to find a creek...and we found one! I wish I had had my camera.

I beam with pride at the results of our children's parenting. I can't tell you enough how proud I am of you. Keep up the good work...In all nine, I see great love and commitment.



Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Decorator/Designer/Daughter

My decorator usually comes over well dressed, in high-heel shoes, a file bag under her arm, a full shopping bag in one hand and a telephone in her ear.

When I came up from my studio today, after working down there for an hour or so, I found her bent over paint chips in the construction zone of our bathroom, with the tile guys laying flooring in front of her. She didn't think I was at home but came anyway to double check paint colors in the light of the bathroom. Today was her office day yet she made the trip just to make sure she had the right colors selected, before she had to hurry back and pick up car pool.

My point is; not too many people have such conscientious talent, not only working, but working over time for them...and for Kimberly I am so very grateful. We have the old bathroom torn out, new wall and infrastructure in place and we are starting to install the stuff that will be seen. Because Kim knows me so well, she stays on top of the men, makes them clean up after themselves and fights to get every detail perfect.

Kudos to my Decorator/Designer/Daughter. The daughter part being the most important to me. Well done. I owe her big time!


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Monday, May 07, 2007

To The Mothers in the Clan.

WOW! I cannot believe I have a place among these wonderful Mothers! You sure do make me look good. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all you mean in my life and to our family.

Happy Mother's Day to Mom/Nana (Gwen) and daughters Kimberly, Mary, Molly and Kristin.

To all other mothers who read Chatterbox (particularly my sister), I hope your day is filled with thanks giving and pride.


Sunday, May 06, 2007

From the pencil of a dreamer...

I am a bird playing in the wind.
I am a feather drifting.
I am the shadow of a child.
I am the wind brushing against the leaves of an oak tree.
I am the summer.
I am the yellow rays of the sun.
I am a dreamer, a dreamer of all these things.

By Keegan, age 8...
In the early morning, alone at home with his mother.

(Keep dreaming Keegan, for I am a dreamer too and I see you. Mimi)

Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Children's School Presents...

The Rumpus in the Rainforest

That's right, Morgan and her fellow second grade thespians entertain us with a charming story about a couple of frogs trying to reach the canopy of the rainforest. We saw toucans, jaguars, sloths, boas, monkeys, ants, explorers and even shamans, but the best part to me was the Storyteller, Morgan.

In true Morgan form she did a great job, not only with her speaking part, but also with the singing, swinging, howling and dancing!

Family in attendance were: Aunts Kristin and Bethann, Mom and Dad, Mimi and Ford. A Croft sibling lunch was enjoyed after the cast party, which we were all invited to join. Great show Morgan!
Kristin was home for her Westminster Class reunion. She enjoyed seeing her classmates and we enjoyed having a little one on one time with her. Kris brought us a CD full of wonderful pictures of Keegan and Aidan, so expect to see them on the chatterbox in the future.

As always,
Proud Mimi