Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Weekend

The Cheerleaders dressed as Zombies at the Colts game on Saturday. The younger and older teams joined forces and put on a terrific Halloween halftime show! (Issy is the third one on the front row, then the fly-girl on the left.) I sure wish I could have gotten more of the dance on film. Issy is a delight to watch!

Joe is #82!

Note from Grandad:

(I can't get Grandad to take a camera to Ford's games but he sure loves to watch his boys play ball even though he has to sometimes split his time at the games in order to see a little of both!)

"On the day before Halloween, Ford's high school age baseball team played in the post-season, single elimination playoffs. Ford pitched well and made very good contact at the plate and played shortstop when he wasn't pitching, but his team went down 5-2. Next spring he will try out for the Woodward JV baseball team as a pitcher and second baseman.

Joe played both ways at end, as his travel team, the 6th grade Atlanta Colts, continued their winning ways in a nail-biter, coming out on the long end of a 48-36 score. This was an emotional game, with each team trading touchdowns, on nearly every exchange of the ball. Joe made several important blocks which led to scores, and hit hard while tackling on defense. The video shows Joe heading for a crushing sack of the White Team's quarterback. He was the long-snapper for extra points, and made many kick-offs."

Other Halloween delights...

1. Grands on their way out to Trick or Treat. (Andrew stayed home and gave out candy this year.)

2. Fiona, my neighbor's sweet granddaughter.

3. Part of our family in Christ, from Monday night Bible Study, stopped by and brought us a smile!

Hope you all had a fun filled Spookie night!


Chatterbox would love to post your Halloween pictures too!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Life in Apostlelot...

"Apostlelot" (2nd through 4th Grades): All children gather together at the end of Sunday morning classes for "Assembly" where they visit the land of "Apostlelot". The Kingdom characters (and your kids!) learn how to work through real life dilemmas each week. The drama presentation focuses on the lives of faithful men and women throughout history and the godly character evident in their lives.

From time to time I am privileged to check in on the cast from Apostlelot, located up stairs in the Children's department of the Church of the Apostles. Early on, when Emily and Andrew were old enough to be in that department, our
Tom used his skills as an actor and took on the part of the Knight from Apostlelot. Andrew later joined the team as Page, then Kim was encouraged to become a new member of the cast as Missy the nurse. Emily has also had many guest appearances as a kingdom character. The point is that for many years these actors have helped to guide the little saints of the kingdom to walk closer to God, even after graduating and moving on to STS (student to student).

Terr and I have made our way up to the 4th floor on several occasions, sat in the child sized seats, in the back of the room and watched in amazement our children and grandchildren use what God has given them to give back to Him in service.

While we were out of town this past weekend, sweet pictures were sent to me, by iPhone, of this weeks performance. Oh the joy I receive when I am sent pictures of those I love!

That email told me that Em played the part of Cookie's assistant, Muffin, in this weeks episode. She came to Apostlelot to help with the Fall Fair in Cookie's absence. Andrew graduated from Page to Squire, arriving at Apostlelot to deliver a package from the Knight, while the Knight, ie. Tom, was on an over night camping trip with young William. (They were enjoying hobo dinners and pickles in a pouch!). I quote mother, Kim, (now known as the Fair Maiden, after Missy and the Knight fell madly in love and married). "They (Andrew and Emily) did a fabulous job with all the royal goings on!"

While looking for pictures to share with you I ran across this delightful picture of other visitors who joined us in Apostlelot. Now that was a really special day!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Daddy Terr Goes Back To Law School!

The celebration of FORTY-FIVE years passing brought the graduating class of 1965 Michigan Law School together once again for reunion. I was lucky enough to accompany Terr back to Ann Arbor and to feel his quiet passion, for what he had once done so successfully, escaping ever so slightly through his dignified demeanor.

We walked the now familiar law quad, sat in old class rooms, heard stories about a unicorned donkey being somehow placed into the locked courtyard. I saw, once again, the plaque with TLC's name written on it, announcing his winning the Campbell Competition. I saw the wall in the great law library that housed his coveted office behind it. We attended a lecture on Global Warming: “Progress and Controversies”. We ate in the grand dining hall, partied in the ballroom and had a delightful breakfast with Dean Caminker… All this before even mentioning the hours we spent reconnecting with old friends.

If I didn't do anything else right in this life I bore fantastic children and I married well for three more. In 1977 I got to go to college, to law school and to see the world. It's been a wonderful education and the best part about that is that Terr and the children are still sharing with me and teaching me all I need to know.

Let's make a date for the 50th in 2015, Honey. I will even make the journey up and down the steep stadium steps to watch the Wolverines play.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

All Hail the Queen!

Today, at the annual Floyd Family Reunion my siblings (and I!) are creating sort of jubilee for the Queen of our lives...Gwendolyn, Gwen, Queenie, Honey, Mama, Mother, Nana; whatever the favorite name you have given her, today she will be none the less the Queen!

Because I could not be there in person, Judy, Hugh and I rigged up a comical routine, filmed it and they are presenting it with a coronation today at the reunion. No body knows how much I hate missing this display of adoration (except my husband!) better than my mother, but I know I am well represented by two other sister and brother.

So Mama, all hail to you! I am doing what you taught me...The King comes before all other oblations. ;)

For the Honor of Mother from Croft on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kate arrives safe and sound in Nicaragua

I know you, like me, are interested to know what our Kate is up to these days. So I will try to keep you informed when I get news or pictures. Dad (Terr) and I talked to her before she left for Nicaragua the 12th of this month and we heard from her upon her arrival to her destination...
"Arrived safe and sound! I am at the Hostel Tortuga Booluda in Leon, which is very quiet and peaceful. $7 a night gets me a bed, a locker for my stuff, a gorgeous patio full of flowers, internet, pancakes in the morning and open kitchen to prepare my own meals, if I'm so inclined. The sun is setting now, all pink, with the moon just a sliver. I'm tired and happy to be here."

Join me in daily prayers for Kate's journey, her happiness and for her safety.

Buen Viaje, Kate,Te amamos. Hope I didn't get that all wrong!

Friday, October 08, 2010

Comfort Food

Was it because they wanted to give the children a treat and nothing else was available or was it because they too had a sweet tooth that needed filling that prompted Mom and Dad to break out the canned biscuits, butter, sugar and coco? I don’t know but it happened to me tonight and I went to work trying to fill my hunger for something sweet to put in my mouth as well as to comfort my hunger for family...Sometimes being in the mountains alone, happily, triggers these ideas and the necessity for such ingenuity.

In my recollection it seems to me that it was Daddy that often got Mama up and in the kitchen to make chocolate fried pies, but it was one of the few things (along with winter’s snow cream and popcorn) that was his specialty and it was one of the few things that could be made with ingredients that were most always on hand.

I remembered: They would roll out the dough of the biscuit until thin, put a heaping spoonful of coco and sugar mixture in the along one side, dot it with a couple pats of butter, fold one side over to meet the other, crimp it with a fork and fry it in a black skillet bubbling with butter…

Yep, that’s what I remembered…and my hunger is now satisfied.

Sunday, October 03, 2010


Happy Birthday to one of the finest!

Among, I'm sure, other precious gifts, Tom received (and proudly wore to church) a great duct tape tie made by Emily. The family also celebrated Tom's birthday by attending a lively outdoor Christian concert that included some of their favorite singers. (Grandad and I were lucky enough to have William spend the night with us during the late night event.) Our wish is for many, many happy returns of the day!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Back to the Smoky Mountains

I started to write a long, nostalgic blog about how I felt during my recent trip to attend my Uncle Robert's funeral, but after putting together this video, I have decided to let it tell my story. You should know that I made the journey alone with lots of time to reflect and wonder. I stayed at my brother and his wife's mountain home, where I was treated like royalty with lovely accommodations and a night on the town.

The following day I was joined by sister, Judy, her husband and our mother. After a bit of time with Louis skillfully taking down a couple of dead trees, while Hugh sawed the logs and Natali stacked, we took off up the mountain to visit the places of our youth. For me, there was a definite, strong sense of belonging in these surroundings.

Before leaving, we made our way to Alcoa, Tennessee to say goodbye to my father's brother, Robert William Patton. He would have been 94 the following day. He left behind two children, a grandson and the love of his life for 67 years, his wife, Jean.

This was life as it should be; family connections, gaining strength through each other, good memories that made us what we are and enough love and faith to see each other through to the end. This is my wish for all of you.

Back to the Smoky Mountains