Sunday, October 03, 2010


Happy Birthday to one of the finest!

Among, I'm sure, other precious gifts, Tom received (and proudly wore to church) a great duct tape tie made by Emily. The family also celebrated Tom's birthday by attending a lively outdoor Christian concert that included some of their favorite singers. (Grandad and I were lucky enough to have William spend the night with us during the late night event.) Our wish is for many, many happy returns of the day!


family said...

I think he had a great weekend! Thanks to Mimi and grandad for your unfailing love and support. I loved celebrating the one who has brought me such joy and happiness all these years. He just gets better with age....

tschafee said...

I confirm. I did have a great weekend. Thanks to Mimi & Grandad the lunch, gifts, William watch and general support (as always). And huge thanks to my wife for all she did for me from birthday breakfast to a very elaborate, time-consuming love (and cheese) filled lasagna dinner. And in-between, the chance to relax and enjoy some outdoor time with each of my kids. I love you, Kim. In the spirit of one-upmanship, I suggest that we get better together with age. How blessed I am this birthday.

Queenie said...

A wonderful birthday, Tom !
Have another great year. Some of
the jobs you have get harder
as the years roll by. But it always pays off in the end.
Much Love, Nana

Kate said...

That tie is STYLIN'. :)