Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kate arrives safe and sound in Nicaragua

I know you, like me, are interested to know what our Kate is up to these days. So I will try to keep you informed when I get news or pictures. Dad (Terr) and I talked to her before she left for Nicaragua the 12th of this month and we heard from her upon her arrival to her destination...
"Arrived safe and sound! I am at the Hostel Tortuga Booluda in Leon, which is very quiet and peaceful. $7 a night gets me a bed, a locker for my stuff, a gorgeous patio full of flowers, internet, pancakes in the morning and open kitchen to prepare my own meals, if I'm so inclined. The sun is setting now, all pink, with the moon just a sliver. I'm tired and happy to be here."

Join me in daily prayers for Kate's journey, her happiness and for her safety.

Buen Viaje, Kate,Te amamos. Hope I didn't get that all wrong!


Kate said...

Gracias, Mamacita! Leon es bonita, pienso que yo voy estar alegra alli. Quiero ustedes :)

Queenie said...

You know it already, come home !
Be safe and careful, sweetheart,
I love you very much and want so
much for you to be happy and find
your dream.

Kate said...

Thank you, Nana. There is always so much more to know! I love you too :) Hope you're well. Besos (kisses), K