Monday, October 18, 2010

Daddy Terr Goes Back To Law School!

The celebration of FORTY-FIVE years passing brought the graduating class of 1965 Michigan Law School together once again for reunion. I was lucky enough to accompany Terr back to Ann Arbor and to feel his quiet passion, for what he had once done so successfully, escaping ever so slightly through his dignified demeanor.

We walked the now familiar law quad, sat in old class rooms, heard stories about a unicorned donkey being somehow placed into the locked courtyard. I saw, once again, the plaque with TLC's name written on it, announcing his winning the Campbell Competition. I saw the wall in the great law library that housed his coveted office behind it. We attended a lecture on Global Warming: “Progress and Controversies”. We ate in the grand dining hall, partied in the ballroom and had a delightful breakfast with Dean Caminker… All this before even mentioning the hours we spent reconnecting with old friends.

If I didn't do anything else right in this life I bore fantastic children and I married well for three more. In 1977 I got to go to college, to law school and to see the world. It's been a wonderful education and the best part about that is that Terr and the children are still sharing with me and teaching me all I need to know.

Let's make a date for the 50th in 2015, Honey. I will even make the journey up and down the steep stadium steps to watch the Wolverines play.



Anonymous said...

WOW!! It does not get much better than this.. What a gorgeous school. It had to feel good to go back in time and see your classmates. We are proud of you Terr. I think that women behind you makes you look even better.

juju said...

I'm not Anonymous--How did that happen?

Anonymous said...

Go Terrence - Merry you looked beautiful as always.


Kate said...

Dad, I love seeing you in this context. You look so handsome and natural there, and very dignified, as Mom said. That school has a lot to be proud of, re: your successes. Love you much.