Monday, October 25, 2010

Life in Apostlelot...

"Apostlelot" (2nd through 4th Grades): All children gather together at the end of Sunday morning classes for "Assembly" where they visit the land of "Apostlelot". The Kingdom characters (and your kids!) learn how to work through real life dilemmas each week. The drama presentation focuses on the lives of faithful men and women throughout history and the godly character evident in their lives.

From time to time I am privileged to check in on the cast from Apostlelot, located up stairs in the Children's department of the Church of the Apostles. Early on, when Emily and Andrew were old enough to be in that department, our
Tom used his skills as an actor and took on the part of the Knight from Apostlelot. Andrew later joined the team as Page, then Kim was encouraged to become a new member of the cast as Missy the nurse. Emily has also had many guest appearances as a kingdom character. The point is that for many years these actors have helped to guide the little saints of the kingdom to walk closer to God, even after graduating and moving on to STS (student to student).

Terr and I have made our way up to the 4th floor on several occasions, sat in the child sized seats, in the back of the room and watched in amazement our children and grandchildren use what God has given them to give back to Him in service.

While we were out of town this past weekend, sweet pictures were sent to me, by iPhone, of this weeks performance. Oh the joy I receive when I am sent pictures of those I love!

That email told me that Em played the part of Cookie's assistant, Muffin, in this weeks episode. She came to Apostlelot to help with the Fall Fair in Cookie's absence. Andrew graduated from Page to Squire, arriving at Apostlelot to deliver a package from the Knight, while the Knight, ie. Tom, was on an over night camping trip with young William. (They were enjoying hobo dinners and pickles in a pouch!). I quote mother, Kim, (now known as the Fair Maiden, after Missy and the Knight fell madly in love and married). "They (Andrew and Emily) did a fabulous job with all the royal goings on!"

While looking for pictures to share with you I ran across this delightful picture of other visitors who joined us in Apostlelot. Now that was a really special day!


family said...

What? No comments on the fair maiden and all her precious royal family..??Oh, come on!

tschafee said...

i'll comment. I love being a part of that royal family. And, by the way, I read this complete post a few days ago. So I do get on Chatterbox from time to time.