Saturday, October 02, 2010

Back to the Smoky Mountains

I started to write a long, nostalgic blog about how I felt during my recent trip to attend my Uncle Robert's funeral, but after putting together this video, I have decided to let it tell my story. You should know that I made the journey alone with lots of time to reflect and wonder. I stayed at my brother and his wife's mountain home, where I was treated like royalty with lovely accommodations and a night on the town.

The following day I was joined by sister, Judy, her husband and our mother. After a bit of time with Louis skillfully taking down a couple of dead trees, while Hugh sawed the logs and Natali stacked, we took off up the mountain to visit the places of our youth. For me, there was a definite, strong sense of belonging in these surroundings.

Before leaving, we made our way to Alcoa, Tennessee to say goodbye to my father's brother, Robert William Patton. He would have been 94 the following day. He left behind two children, a grandson and the love of his life for 67 years, his wife, Jean.

This was life as it should be; family connections, gaining strength through each other, good memories that made us what we are and enough love and faith to see each other through to the end. This is my wish for all of you.

Back to the Smoky Mountains


juju said...

Ok,Ok--Your video's just keep getting better. Smiles and tears again with sweet memories of past and present. What a treasure of beauty and excitement in those gorgeous mountains. Thank you Merry for capturing the time we had together and Hugh and Natalie for being the keepers of our past.

Queenie said...

Just wiped away the last tear. How
could we go to Elkmont without the
Trout Fisherman, himself. and how
could you go to the old swimming hole without the "Boss"
Lovely remembrance of childhood, no
money much but a 16 X 16 tent from
Knoxville Tent and Awning Co. rented for $8 per week and
8 - 50 cent cots, and lots of trout. Yes always nice to spend
time together. Was nice to both
laugh and cry the same weekend.
Did alright at the service for
Robert until Taps and flag service
men. Thanks for the video. Only
thing missing this week-end was
the bears. They will be back.

Queenie said...

Was that Forest sitting on the
bench eating those cho-ko-lets