Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September 19, 1966 is a day to remember....

Kimberly was born, and she hasn't changed a bit!
She is still Mama's angel.

Happy Birthday #1 daughter.
I see you, inside, all that you are.
I love you,

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Queenie said...

She looked just like that the day
we picked you up at the airport
after being born and living in
Okanawa until she was a year old.
We had not seen her or Little Mike
who was two. How thrilling it was
to see them.
I still worry about not meeting you
in California and helping with the
babies. Guess no money and afraid
to leave job. But that wonderful
mother make it all the way with
two babies.
Happy Birthday, Bo

family said...

Sweet. Don't feel a day older than that shot on the left! So how could it be that i've celebrated so many birthday's since then?????
Blessed to be born into such a loving and wonderful family. I love you. Bo

juju said...

That beautiful smile always makes being around you so special. I love you and always looking at you and seeing all that is good. Love, Aunt Judy