Saturday, June 27, 2009

Our Eco-Celebrity!

Sustainability efforts, environmental values, green initiatives, contextual solutions, biodiversity…

Hold on to your hats, dear family, for we have among us a passionate, sincere sustainability professional that is ready to teach us about our GREEN earth and climate change.

This week, Jeremy was selected for the cover of SUSTAINABILITY Magazine! He couldn’t have looked any better if he were photographed by a team of Vogue magazine professionals (Kate shot this cover picture!), but Jeremy was most concerned with the content of the four page interview, where he talked about his professional journey, and how the world has to change quickly to combat environmental crisis.

The cover speaks for itself, and I thought the article excellent. It's not available online, but if anyone would like to read it, I can email it to you. I’m totally impressed! Congratulations, Jeremy!!!

I though I could best honor him by saying;

Thursday, June 25, 2009

...and they did.

Great Aunt Lillie is turning 93 years old!

Oh, who will help to make the cake..."I will, I will!", said Emily, who learned how to bake cakes from her Mother and brother and who brought that cake to Mimi, along with Andrew and William.

Oh, who will help to deliver the cake and spend some time with the elderly?..."I will, I will!", said William as he willingly showed his love and grace.

Oh, who will help to serve the cake..."I will, I will!", said William, who served every slice with a smile on his face.

Oh, who will help to plant the seeds of love..."I will, I will", said William, who delighted all that crossed his path at the nursing home.

Oh, who will willingly be a beacon of light...

and indeed...he was.

"And He took the children in His arms, put His hands on them and blessed them." Mark 10:16

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mom's keep me up-to-date with the Grands!

I love getting notes from my daughters and daughter-in-law about what the children are doing, better still, I love to share the news! -mimi

"Issy made straight A's all year and Joe made all A's and only 1 B the whole year...

Joe is away at Athens Y camp in Tallulah Falls this week, Issy at Marist Cheer Camp...Joe is playing tournament baseball and Atlanta Junior Golf

Issy is still talking...doing a gymnastics camp next week and finishing up swim team this week

I just manage their schedules and drive them around."... :) mary

Lazy Days of Summer, From Kim:

At play and Bible School... Movies...


and a lot of just hanging out at home. So far it's been a good summer!

..."Can you tell which one doesn't belong?" hee hee

Monday, June 22, 2009

Morgan Qualifies!

*Morgan qualifies for the National Indoor Rock Climbing Championship -- July 10-12 -- in Salt Lake City!Morgan competed in the divisional rock climbing championship the weekend before last in Melbourne, FL. During divisionals, she qualified for Nationals!!

There are 5 regions and she came in 3rd place in her region (8 states) for her age group. She beat a couple of girls who have beaten her all season. (She has been swimming a lot and her upper body strength has improved.) Morgan also looked very intimidating. The competition started Saturday morning, The night before, Morgan fell out of bed! Saturday morning she had dried blood all over her nose and a rug burn on her forehead! Her neck also hurt a lot. Her coach (Emily) spent a lot of time with her getting ice, aspirin and doing a lot of stretches. Fortunately Morgan felt good enough to compete and did well. Then on Sunday for Day 2 her nose had a bunch of scraps on it. She really did look tough. Morgan stayed with Barbara and Jon and has been training with a team in Orlando. Rock climbing will be an Olympic sport in 6 years. You may be watching Morgan on TV one day saying "I remember when . . ."

NOTE: Sadly, Morgan won't be able to join her cousins and me at Northcroft after July 4th through the 8th, she will be doing some heavy training, but our thoughts will be with her, cheering her on to success!

*Thanks to our guest writer, Molly Croft for sending me this delightful post!

Keegan finishes as a champion!

Keegan had a terrific season for his baseball league.As a pitcher, his record was 12-2. His team, the Phillies, won in the semi-finals. Keegan had 6 RBIs and struck out several batters in his allotment of less than 20 pitches. The coaches kept his pitch count down so he, and one other friend - Liam - could pitch the final game. They won that championship game, too. Keegan was the starting pitcher and held the other team scoreless, while his Phillies scored 4 runs. Keegan was selected for the All-Star team and is practicing for a week of all-star competition.

(Mom, Kristin, says, “Keegan had a game earlier in the season where he struck out 9 batters with 28 pitches! He's really fun to watch. Impressive concentration and just enough drama to make everyone feel that every pitch matters.”)

I have a feeling there will be a lot of pitching practice going on at Grayton Beach this year!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day 2009

To the Father to my Children,
To the Fathers and soon to be Step-Father of my Grandchildren,
To my own wonderful Father who had to leave me when I became old…
Thank you.
You have guided this family with such strength and unselfishness.
You have made us feel safe and loved.
I honor you today with so much appreciation that it can only be adequately told with the heart.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Kate, Mom's Birthday, and The Bard Show

The weekend of June 13, 2009

Kate came home to help make dinner for Nana's birthday as well as to see and celebrate her father's eighth Bard Show!

The gift of time was mine. We made Mom's birthday cake together, shopped at the Green Market in Piedmont Park for a fresh, local vegetables and pasta.

Mike, Kim, Tom and family were here and Judy, Louis and Nana joined us from Tennessee for a wonder evening that included dinner and theater. (Honorable mention goes to Kim and the children for taking over kitchen clean-up!)

Terr performed a great song and dance number (even though he had a really bad cold) and we were once again blessed with joy and laughter. Enjoy the visual of my weekend...

Friday, June 12, 2009

It's My Bithday!

We have a lot of family birthdays in the summer months. Tomorrow belongs to my sweet Mother. But, though my heart is filled with good wishes and gratefulness for the day she was born, her birthday isn't the reason for this post. I guess you could say the reason is my own birthday, which took place on the 9th of this month. It's just that after 62 years of birthdays, I finally got it. I got the perfect birthday. I might have had it many times before, but this year I was finally wise enough to really, really realize it.
I received so many precious gifts - I'm afraid to list them, for fear of leaving something out! But each gift showed the giver's thoughtful and sincere desire to bring me joy (wow! that is big), which means more to me than any material thing. Molly delivered a balloon to the front door before I woke. Terr brought early morning flowers and music; Kim and Tom acknowledged my need to preserve memories. Mike's family let me know that they understood my love for Christ. Angelic voices sung to me over the phone along with sweet conversations during busy days. E-mail and e-cards brightened my day; my mailbox even smiled at me when it was opened - my mother and my sister sent the sort of praise we long to hear from people we love. Crayon cards came my way with a hand-sewn bag and pound cake, a button proclaiming "It's my Birthday!", leis filled with the little givers' favorite candy and, of course, hugs galore. A burst of generosity from an unexpected giver, and facebook blurbs from those who friended me. My heart sang all day, just knowing that people took the time to say, "I care about you." The icing on the cake: my two older children gave up their family time, after a busy day at work, to take me out to dinner. (Terr was rehearsing for the Bard Show.) What a treat to have them beside me again.

I savored every moment of this day, every precious touch I received from a loved one, from a personal call to an elaborate gift. It just means the world to have each of you in my life. I get it! Love is the greatest gift of all...1 Cor.13:13 and from this moment on, that's all I'll ever want for. Thank you, thank you, all of you for a very Happy Birthday.


P.S. Kate is coming home tonight to make a birthday dinner for me and for all who will join us tomorrow night to see her father's performance. I haven't seen her since Christmas. It will be a joyous reunion!

My Mother says, "As your family blows out the candles that set the cake ablaze, laugh with them about your gray hair and your golden age." I will have the opportunity to do that with her tomorrow, when my sister Judy and her husband Louis bring her here on her birthday. I wish her love on her 82nd birthday, and I hope she finds an over abundance of it here. Happy Birthday Mama!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

News from the Home Team

Ford got all A’s and one B for his final grades, a 4.13 gpa. He took all Honors classes but English. His English teacher suggested he take Honors English next year, but enough is enough! Still, it’s nice to be asked. Ford keeps up with all this in the midst of a very busy and successful athletic schedule.

Andrew received the "fruit of the spirit" award from his Bible Teacher at the Wesleyan Awards Day Ceremony . I can testify to that spirit!

Andrew is also a Jr. counselor at Bible School next week.

Joe received the PE award for the 4th grade at the Honors assembly. It is awarded to one student grades 4-8 who demonstrates exceptional athletic ability and sportsmanship.

Morgan placed 3rd out of 13 in her soap box derby race last Saturday! She missed the finals by .009 of a second. This was a great event for Grandad because it brought back memories of his Derby Days!

Morgan will compete in the divisional competition for her rock climbing team, next weekend in Melbourne, Florida. And if she does well there, she goes to Salt Lake City in July to compete for the national championship!

Whatever you may be doing this summer, sports camps, spend the night camps, camp camps, special trips, or just helping a neighbor and around the house, let Mimi know and I will surely post it on Chatterbox. For instance, Emily here was a beautiful Rainbow Fish in her recent recital where she had a solo part in a song and danced in front of hundreds of people!


"Keegan's team finished 12-2, and the playoffs start this week. He's had a great season pitching and his hitting has improved. Aidan's in his last year of "coach pitch," where scores and records aren't "officially" kept - but Aidan will tell you his team is undefeated. He has gotten much better, as well."

Now for a final note of achievement. On Friday, William completed a Musical Theater Camp.


Annie, starring (at least in our eyes) William from Croft on Vimeo.

P.S. Issy just told me in an email that she won 1st place in IM for her swim team! (I know of many ribbons won by several grandchildren on swim teams.) I had better hurry up and publish before I get more good reports! What a family :)

Monday, June 01, 2009

Recent Art from Mimi's Studio

GO AHEAD, BE AMAZED at the talent of my students!

(Blue Jay in a Tree)

(His interpretation of Monet's Water Lilies.)


( A portrait of her Daddy.)


Emily did her painting to submit to a scholarship competition she is trying to win.

The Assignment:
Creatively express your ideas and dreams about faith, hope and love, what they mean to you personally.

Em's description:
I pray my faith will remain strong as I face the challenges of becoming a young women. I hope to make wise choices as I gain more freedom. I hope love follows me in new friendships and my love for others.

Fish in a Glass


(and Mimi too)

I must go back to art class. My students are learning everything that I know!

They are all such a pleasure to teach.


(Check back soon for the next blog to read about the awards and accomplishments given to Andrew, Joe, Ford and Morgan.)