Saturday, June 06, 2009

News from the Home Team

Ford got all A’s and one B for his final grades, a 4.13 gpa. He took all Honors classes but English. His English teacher suggested he take Honors English next year, but enough is enough! Still, it’s nice to be asked. Ford keeps up with all this in the midst of a very busy and successful athletic schedule.

Andrew received the "fruit of the spirit" award from his Bible Teacher at the Wesleyan Awards Day Ceremony . I can testify to that spirit!

Andrew is also a Jr. counselor at Bible School next week.

Joe received the PE award for the 4th grade at the Honors assembly. It is awarded to one student grades 4-8 who demonstrates exceptional athletic ability and sportsmanship.

Morgan placed 3rd out of 13 in her soap box derby race last Saturday! She missed the finals by .009 of a second. This was a great event for Grandad because it brought back memories of his Derby Days!

Morgan will compete in the divisional competition for her rock climbing team, next weekend in Melbourne, Florida. And if she does well there, she goes to Salt Lake City in July to compete for the national championship!

Whatever you may be doing this summer, sports camps, spend the night camps, camp camps, special trips, or just helping a neighbor and around the house, let Mimi know and I will surely post it on Chatterbox. For instance, Emily here was a beautiful Rainbow Fish in her recent recital where she had a solo part in a song and danced in front of hundreds of people!


"Keegan's team finished 12-2, and the playoffs start this week. He's had a great season pitching and his hitting has improved. Aidan's in his last year of "coach pitch," where scores and records aren't "officially" kept - but Aidan will tell you his team is undefeated. He has gotten much better, as well."

Now for a final note of achievement. On Friday, William completed a Musical Theater Camp.


Annie, starring (at least in our eyes) William from Croft on Vimeo.

P.S. Issy just told me in an email that she won 1st place in IM for her swim team! (I know of many ribbons won by several grandchildren on swim teams.) I had better hurry up and publish before I get more good reports! What a family :)


Kate said...

William - such a little crooner! I wish I could have seen it :) Thanks for the family updates, Mamacita!

Queenie said...

What a precious show.
Will did well, didn't know he
could sing so loud.

family said...

Nana, you didn't know William could sing so loud? He's like the resident loud boy! He does everything loud....which reminds me of one of my favorite Emmy quotes, "Morgan, I like you but you a loud girl." This very quote would apply to my youngest! Trust me.
So many great accomplishments from all these kids. Wow. We are a very blessed family. Kim

family said...

This weekend, one of Ford's baseball teams, the Jackets from Browns Mill Park, played in a 6 team tournament. They won their first three games and made it to the finals against NYO. They were ahead 6-2 in the 4th, when disaster struck. By the end of the 5th, they trailed 7-6. Ford was called upon to finish the game. He held them to only 1 more run, which resulted from a fielding error. The Jackets took second in the tourney. In the second game, the Jackets were trailing 6-3 at the end of the 3rd, and Ford came in to pitch. He held the opposing team scoreless for the last 4 innings, while his team crept back into contention and won the game 7-6 in the final inning. It was a lot of baseball for these 13 year olds, and their fans. Love, Grandad

juju said...

What a great bunch of grand kids. Will I ned my floors mopped. Come see me!

family said...

julu, this is William. I'm afraid I only mop floors while singing if I have enough attention from others. I generally avoid situations where I'm under paid and all eyes are not on me! I hope you understand....p.s. do you have any chocolate? that might help persuade me......William