Monday, June 22, 2009

Keegan finishes as a champion!

Keegan had a terrific season for his baseball league.As a pitcher, his record was 12-2. His team, the Phillies, won in the semi-finals. Keegan had 6 RBIs and struck out several batters in his allotment of less than 20 pitches. The coaches kept his pitch count down so he, and one other friend - Liam - could pitch the final game. They won that championship game, too. Keegan was the starting pitcher and held the other team scoreless, while his Phillies scored 4 runs. Keegan was selected for the All-Star team and is practicing for a week of all-star competition.

(Mom, Kristin, says, “Keegan had a game earlier in the season where he struck out 9 batters with 28 pitches! He's really fun to watch. Impressive concentration and just enough drama to make everyone feel that every pitch matters.”)

I have a feeling there will be a lot of pitching practice going on at Grayton Beach this year!

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