Monday, June 22, 2009

Morgan Qualifies!

*Morgan qualifies for the National Indoor Rock Climbing Championship -- July 10-12 -- in Salt Lake City!Morgan competed in the divisional rock climbing championship the weekend before last in Melbourne, FL. During divisionals, she qualified for Nationals!!

There are 5 regions and she came in 3rd place in her region (8 states) for her age group. She beat a couple of girls who have beaten her all season. (She has been swimming a lot and her upper body strength has improved.) Morgan also looked very intimidating. The competition started Saturday morning, The night before, Morgan fell out of bed! Saturday morning she had dried blood all over her nose and a rug burn on her forehead! Her neck also hurt a lot. Her coach (Emily) spent a lot of time with her getting ice, aspirin and doing a lot of stretches. Fortunately Morgan felt good enough to compete and did well. Then on Sunday for Day 2 her nose had a bunch of scraps on it. She really did look tough. Morgan stayed with Barbara and Jon and has been training with a team in Orlando. Rock climbing will be an Olympic sport in 6 years. You may be watching Morgan on TV one day saying "I remember when . . ."

NOTE: Sadly, Morgan won't be able to join her cousins and me at Northcroft after July 4th through the 8th, she will be doing some heavy training, but our thoughts will be with her, cheering her on to success!

*Thanks to our guest writer, Molly Croft for sending me this delightful post!

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family said...

great job morgan! go ahead, ruin the fun for your cousins........did you have to be so good???????
we love you but i'm sure the girls will miss you terribly in the mountains....thank goodness for grayton! kim