Monday, June 15, 2009

Kate, Mom's Birthday, and The Bard Show

The weekend of June 13, 2009

Kate came home to help make dinner for Nana's birthday as well as to see and celebrate her father's eighth Bard Show!

The gift of time was mine. We made Mom's birthday cake together, shopped at the Green Market in Piedmont Park for a fresh, local vegetables and pasta.

Mike, Kim, Tom and family were here and Judy, Louis and Nana joined us from Tennessee for a wonder evening that included dinner and theater. (Honorable mention goes to Kim and the children for taking over kitchen clean-up!)

Terr performed a great song and dance number (even though he had a really bad cold) and we were once again blessed with joy and laughter. Enjoy the visual of my weekend...


Kate said...

Hooray! It was a wonderful weekend. I so enjoyed exploring Piedmont Park with you - I hope you go back! The market is every Saturday, 9-1. :)

Love you mamacita,

Queenie said...

Yes Hooray! Did I ever enjoy seeing my grands and greats that
I have not seen in a long time.
My oldest grandson, my oldest granddaughter, and Kim's family.
My youngest granddaughter being
in Atlanta was such a plus.
Great celebration of birthdays and
the annual Bard Show. Thanks

juju said...

Terr was a Big Hit!!!! Even being sick ,he still shined! It was great to be with Kate, Kimbo, Tom and Mike. Andrew, Emily and Will are always a pleasure. Thanks for the great weekend. Hope your feeling better, Terr!

tschafee said...

good time all around. it was great to be a part of the birthday celebration, to witness terr's stunning soft shoe number and see nana juju lulu and kakate.