Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day 2009

To the Father to my Children,
To the Fathers and soon to be Step-Father of my Grandchildren,
To my own wonderful Father who had to leave me when I became old…
Thank you.
You have guided this family with such strength and unselfishness.
You have made us feel safe and loved.
I honor you today with so much appreciation that it can only be adequately told with the heart.



juju said...

What great Father's in this blog. That handsome one on lower right is my favorite. I honor you Dad with wonderful memories of a great Father.

tschafee said...

thank you for the recognition. i couldn't ask for a better brood to father.

Queenie said...

Well I must say you chose a very
handsome husband. You brought
forth a beautiful baby boy in
Okanawa. You were blessed with
a great step-son. You chose two
great men for the daughters.

However after you doing all that
I still beat you.

Much Love, Mother

family said...

Happy Father's Day to these wonderful men....we honor your commitments and love you for hearts bent towards your children. And for Pop, there are 3 children and many grandchildren and great-grands that will honor your memory today and thank God for your christ-like

Buddy said...


Thank you for the wonderful letter. Your husband must have been a wonderful man and his story is an inspiration to me with my new life. You have such a beautiful family and so much to be pround of. Keep in touch. Sincerely,

Buddy Carlyle
Atlanta Braves