Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mom's keep me up-to-date with the Grands!

I love getting notes from my daughters and daughter-in-law about what the children are doing, better still, I love to share the news! -mimi

"Issy made straight A's all year and Joe made all A's and only 1 B the whole year...

Joe is away at Athens Y camp in Tallulah Falls this week, Issy at Marist Cheer Camp...Joe is playing tournament baseball and Atlanta Junior Golf

Issy is still talking...doing a gymnastics camp next week and finishing up swim team this week

I just manage their schedules and drive them around."... :) mary

Lazy Days of Summer, From Kim:

At play and Bible School... Movies...


and a lot of just hanging out at home. So far it's been a good summer!

..."Can you tell which one doesn't belong?" hee hee

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juju said...

Hey, I want s summer vacation like this. Looks like great fun!