Sunday, November 30, 2008

Your years become you....

A very, very, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Mary. Heartfelt wishes for health, happiness, love and many, many, more!

I've been wanting to use this picture and what better day to add it to a blog, than on your birthday! Simply beautiful, makes everyday of your life something special.

Note to readers: Mary broke her right arm the day before Thanksgiving and is in a full arm cast. We're sending wishes for a speedy and complete recovery, knowing it is especially hard for our active, bookcamp training Mom to slow down. God speed.

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Friday, November 28, 2008

A grand day of blessings......

Food was out of this world! Many thanks to all our cooks that made such a good meal possible. Even Andrew pitched in with a chocolate cake!

As night fell, Kim and Tom caught a plane to London to attend a wedding with several their best friends, Mike and Mary went home to make ready for their annual trip to Tennessee to see Nana; and five beautiful grandchildren spent the night with me!

Thanks to Emily for cutting out the materials so we could gather together in a circle and make Indian headdresses. We thoughtfully wrote on the feathers the things we were thankful for.

A picnic snack plate (with toothpicks), on the kitchen floor and a movie finished our day. In the nursery, William, Emily and Issy, wore headlights to bed and read books while Joe and Andrew studied the Guiness Book of World Records in the guestroom. Lights didn't stay on too long...and all was quiet, at last. I mean that in a good way; it is precious to have children in the house.

Night, I'm tired...

(Oh, the sweetest part of the day was Joe asking to say the Thanksgiving prayer, and tonight, we prayed for safe travels for Kim and Tom, for the Regas family as they travel tomorrow, for the S Croft family while on their Washington trip visiting Molly's family and for Kate and Jeremy visiting J's mom in Chicago. Each child said a prayer of thanks for their family. Wow, I was again blessed.)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My cup runneth over and I am so thankful...

For the love of my life, thank you for always rescuing me and loving me. For all our children I am so grateful and blessed. For my Mom and siblings, thank you for my firm foundation. For my extended family and friends, thank you for affirming and completing my days.
For my heart strings, who lift my spitits and give me a song, I pray for each of you daily.
For my Lord and Savior, from whom all blessings flow, I will sing Your praises forever!
HAPPY THANKSGIVING and thank you for being part of my love and my life.

Grandparents' Day 2008

St. Martin's and Wesleyan Schools celebrated Grandparents November 25th and we were able to make it to both! We were fed and entertained by Joe and Issy, fed again and toured around campus by Andrew and Emily. It was a GREAT day, both morning and afternoon. How lucky are we! (Note the Regas' new puppy.)
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Saturday, November 22, 2008

The wonderful world of sports and Regas'


Do you want to know why the ice looks so good at the Atlanta Thrashers Hockey Game?

Well, of course, it had to be because the Regas boys were out on the town again!

They sure do enjoy sports and each other! I think the Papa must have a lot of clout. I know that's Joe driving the "Zamboni" (above picture), but I swear this looks like Joe, with Thrasher Kozlov, too! WOW! (Well, maybe not, but it could be.)

Thanks for sending me the pictures guys. I sure enjoy watching from the sidelines.

Oops! New Flash.....
Joe found the Thrasher's Mascot! That's my boy.

Friday, November 21, 2008


I just got the above photo from Mike's blackberry. Looks like Bulldog heaven to me...


Sunday, November 16, 2008

A divided nation

We were reminded this past weekend that our country has indeed faced worse times than these. Divided, we fought for what we believed in, and in the end, beyond all odds, we were not defeated as a nation…

Terrence and I were in South Georgia attending a Georgia Bar Board of Governors meeting (something we attend four times a year, at different places in GA). This meeting was held at a place we had never been before - Lake Blackshear near Cordele, GA.

Saturday afternoon we had some free time and decided to take a drive to the nearby town of Andersonville. If you know your Civil War history, you will recognize Andersonville as the location of the largest of many Confederate military prisons established during the Civil War. The prison pen covered over 26 acres. It was enclosed by a 15-foot-high stockade. It was only operational for about 18 months, but its largest population at one time was over 32,000. It was so overpopulated and under-supplied that almost 13,000 of the prisoners died before being saved by the ending of the war.

The War Museum was well done and powerful. I cried when I saw the documentary on the big screen. Andersonville serves as a memorial to all American prisoners of war. Today, the cemetery contains over 18,000 interments. The story is one of sacrifice and courage.

Note: I was pretty upset at the South after seeing pictures and hearing how the men were treated, but then I was reminded that the same thing was happening in the North to the Confederate soldiers, where as many were also lost in Northern prisoner camps. In the South, the railroads were cut off and could no longer get supplies to the men on the battlefield, much less to prisoners in Andersonville.

Anyway, the point is, we overcame the devastation of that "war between each other" and the horrors it brought with it. Let us not be so divided again. Maybe we need to remember our past. Is it possible that it was only 144 years ago? Why, we grew so fast and changed so drastically in such a short period of time - is it any wonder we got too big for our britches? It seems to me, if we could just stand together for the good of the nation and to the glory of a higher power, our country could move mountains and still be unmatched.

It was truly an interesting trip. I also loved seeing the cotton fields, the pecan groves, and the pine forests, not to mention the little town of Andersonville (1st picture above), that still has its original buildings. We managed a little lighthearted fun...I think my 17 " waist has gone with the wind. ;)

P.S. Jeremy, how is our reinactment?--->

Happy Days...

Boys, Cousins, Friends, GRANDSONS!

Makes me smile.
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November blessings...

What a joy it is for me to honor these marriages. November 3, 1990 gave Terr and me a new son-in-law. November 6, 1993 we got a new daughter-in-law. From those dates until today we have been blessed through these unions. They have been steadfast in their commitment to each other, they are raising sweet children to keep the legacy going and they doubled our joy as their parents . Congratulations Mike and Mary and Kim and Tom, may your lives continue to be "Happy Ever After".

You're beautiful and we love what you have made together.

M & T

(I gotta tell ya, it feels funny not posting Shannon and Molly's picture with the above supper marriages, but I will save them until their anniversary in February.... she types with a smile.)

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Sunday, November 09, 2008

A Happy Birthday for Andrew!

" Just then the shadowy object of alarm put itself in motion, and, with a scramble and a bound, stood at once in the middle of the road. Though the night was dark and dismal, yet the form of the unknown might now in some degree be ascertained. He appeared to be a headless horseman of large dimensions, and mounted on a black horse of powerful frame...

Oh, the frightful ending came and went as quickly as Ichabod Crane!
A last, all good things much come to an end... "

The final performance of Sleepy Hollow was a birthday delight for it's star. On November 8th, Andrew's performance was flawless and his family and friends delighted in their young thespian. When the show ended, Andrew shared the stage with the family for a photo op, then partied at the cast party before we all went out for a birthday dinner celebration.

We were lucky to have Joe staying with us, for a few days, joining in to make our evening even more exciting. What a sweet night for all. Happy, happy birthday dear Andrew!!

Joe talked us into another special theatrical performance. The following morning we got up early and headed for church and the children's Sunday School Assembly. There our S-C family performs regularly with a group called Apostlots. They tell of God's love and teachings by performing stories and scriptures. Kim had the lead role this week! We all were so proud to see her overcome her fear and beautifully carry the show. The whole family (except young Will) was on the stage supporting her. The scene took place with the Pilgrim family aboard ship, looking for the land where they could freely worship their God. I hope they will tell the story again at our family Thanksgiving table on the 27th of this month.Good job Pilgrims!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

From the Sports Desk of TLC aka Grandad

On Saturday, Nov. 1, Joe's football team, the Rams, played in the semi-finals for the league championship. The Rams were 6-1 on the season, but the one loss had been to the dreaded Saints, which was their opponent in this game. At the end of the first half, the Rams were trailing by a score of 19-0. They seemed thoroughly beaten. After rousing half-time speeches by their coaches, including Coach Mike Regas who was upset by giving up 19 points so quickly, the Rams were a new team. Joe kicked off deep to the Saints and then made several hard tackles. He opened up big holes while blocking for the runners, and the Rams scored 13 points, and held the Saints scoreless. With the clock winding down and less than 2 minutes left in the game, the Rams scored a third touchdown to tie the game. Then with the crowd in the stands all on their feet screaming for their players, the Rams scored the extra point and won the game 20-19, earning a spot in the championship game the next Wednesday.
Coach Mike delayed his trip to Florida for a seminar to be with Joe and the rest of the 9 and 10 year old Rams on Nov. 5 for the championship game. It was dark at the kick-off, and the Rams battled the Seahawks up and down the field, but neither team could score on the other. Defense reigned, and Coach Mike exhorted his defensive players, including Joe at defensive end or tackle to "hunker down" just one more time and stop those swift running Seahawks. Joe blocked and tackled well, but his kicking was superb. He hit two deep ones, putting the Seahawks at a real disadvantage. As luck would have it, the Seahawks scored a touchdown late in the game to take a 6-0 lead. But, with only 3 minutes left, the Rams drove steadily down the field and punched one in with only 1 minute left on the clock. Then, the Rams threw a pass for the extra point and took a one point lead, 7-6. Joe and the Rams defense held off a desperate rally by the Seahawks, to win the CHAMPIONSHIP!
This makes the second year in a row that Joe's team has won the championship. He had a very successful season.


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Morgan Finishes Her Season of Soft Ball

Morgan also successfully finished her season in Softball. Grandad and I enjoyed watching the last game. Dad (Shannon) helped coach and encouraged the team's good sportsmanship, while we, along with Molly and Ford, excitedly cheered the them on. Morgan was always alert and ready for action. Although her team didn't win she was definitely a winner!

Dress Rehearsal in Sleepy Hollow

"He was tall, but exceedingly lank with narrow shoulders, long arms and legs. The new school master's name was..."
Ichabod Crane.
Yesterday began a four day run (two shows a day) for the Middle School Wesleyan Players.

"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"
(our very own) Andrew S-C

I have vowed a pledge of silence (well, not to give away too much) but let me tell you, if you are planning on coming to see the show, you won't be disappointed.
Dress rehearsal was almost flawless!
I was allowed to take pictures (without a flash of course), so as to entice you, I'll let you have a look!

<-Ichabod comes to town. He falls in love ->

Terrible things happen because he has a rival...

and, and, and...Oh, I would be remiss if I told you any more of the story. I will have to hold the final, most dreadful terrifying picture, until the play is over.

I can tell you that the curtain call was so delightful that a certain little boy, while no one was looking (except Mimi, of course), emulated his big brother then happily went off to do bigger and better things.

Congratula-tions Andrew! You are indeed a STAR! May the house be full each and every show and may you.... "BREAK-A-LEG!"