Friday, November 28, 2008

A grand day of blessings......

Food was out of this world! Many thanks to all our cooks that made such a good meal possible. Even Andrew pitched in with a chocolate cake!

As night fell, Kim and Tom caught a plane to London to attend a wedding with several their best friends, Mike and Mary went home to make ready for their annual trip to Tennessee to see Nana; and five beautiful grandchildren spent the night with me!

Thanks to Emily for cutting out the materials so we could gather together in a circle and make Indian headdresses. We thoughtfully wrote on the feathers the things we were thankful for.

A picnic snack plate (with toothpicks), on the kitchen floor and a movie finished our day. In the nursery, William, Emily and Issy, wore headlights to bed and read books while Joe and Andrew studied the Guiness Book of World Records in the guestroom. Lights didn't stay on too long...and all was quiet, at last. I mean that in a good way; it is precious to have children in the house.

Night, I'm tired...

(Oh, the sweetest part of the day was Joe asking to say the Thanksgiving prayer, and tonight, we prayed for safe travels for Kim and Tom, for the Regas family as they travel tomorrow, for the S Croft family while on their Washington trip visiting Molly's family and for Kate and Jeremy visiting J's mom in Chicago. Each child said a prayer of thanks for their family. Wow, I was again blessed.)


juju said...

Aunt Merry-
I'm so glad you all had a great thanksgiving. We missed you and will see you soon!

Queenie said...

A thankful story in form of a
picture. Mom

Kate said...

Sweetest, most awesome, wonderfulest family ever. I love you all! Missed you on turkey day, but I was thinking of each of you with deep gratitude and a big smile - especially you, mom :) I love you!