Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November blessings...

What a joy it is for me to honor these marriages. November 3, 1990 gave Terr and me a new son-in-law. November 6, 1993 we got a new daughter-in-law. From those dates until today we have been blessed through these unions. They have been steadfast in their commitment to each other, they are raising sweet children to keep the legacy going and they doubled our joy as their parents . Congratulations Mike and Mary and Kim and Tom, may your lives continue to be "Happy Ever After".

You're beautiful and we love what you have made together.

M & T

(I gotta tell ya, it feels funny not posting Shannon and Molly's picture with the above supper marriages, but I will save them until their anniversary in February.... she types with a smile.)

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juju said...

Two days to remember. Both were beautiful in every way. Congratulations Mike, Mary, Kim and Tom. We love you

Queenie said...

I looked into your face and knew
that you were true;
Those clear, deep eyes awoke to me
a trust in you.
I'd dreamt of shoulders broad
and straight, One built to lead,
I met you once and knew that you
were all I need.
You did not have to say a word
to make me feel
That will, completely in control,
was made of steel.
I dreamt of dashing love and
bold life wild with zest;
But when with you my heart was
stilled to perfect rest.
And how? I could not understand,
it seemed so odd:
Till on my heart it quietly
dawned - - - - -
- - - - -love is of God - - - -

These are my grandchildren.