Monday, April 28, 2008

"The Crofts Do Brooklyn!"

"The Crofts Do Brooklyn!". This was the title on a nine page itinerary that Kate printed up for Terrence and me, for our visit with her and Jeremy this past weekend. Every minute was carefully planned with fascinating activities, beautiful tours, delicious food, interesting art and special time in Kate and Jeremy's surroundings, so we could know more about their lives together.

Our visit started off when we opened the door to our hotel room and found Kate sitting in a chair with a big smile on her face, metro cards in her hand for us and a beautiful full picnic basket sitting next to her...She had thought of everything! You will just have to watch the rest in pictures... It goes like this:
1. Picnic in the Orchard at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (where Kate and I had made plans to lie under the cherry trees and take pictures).
2. Roof Party at Love Lane (parents of a friend of Jeremy and Kate's that went to the same prep school that Terrence did. Kate also thought to make and bring along a delicious cake offering for our hosts!).

Second Day: Retrieved from our hotel at 8:30:
1. Tour of the Greenmarket to buy ingredients for breakfast.
2. Tour of Kate and Jeremy's neighborhood and of their new home, then a wonderful breakfast made by Kate.
3. Visit to the Frick Art Collection.
4. Sketched in Central Part.
5. Chinatown for dinner (to try soup dumplings!).
6. And a Mainstage performance at an NYU theatre.

Third Day: We were picked up by Kate and Jeremy at 10:00:
1. Taken for Kate's Birthday Brunch at their favorite restaurant in Brooklyn. After a leisurely time together we were escorted back to our hotel to get our bags and freshen up a bit for our trip home. A car had been arranged to take us to the airport.

We were totally taken care of the whole time we were there. Relive the visit with us by way of these pictures...and thanks to all who sent special birthday greetings, wishes and gifts to New York along with us. From time to time each day, I would pull one out to give to our birthday girl. It made for many special moments and it was so much fun!

Enjoy the pictures of our memory making...

Today is Kate's real birthday date. She had to listen to her birth story (yet, again) while we were in New York (and that of her siblings!) It was a sweet story, and still is...


family said...

We had a great visit! Thanks, Kate and Jeremy. Well planned and well done. Happy Birthday, Kate. We love you. Dad.

Kate said...

We had such a great time too! Thanks for coming and celebrating with us. What a wonderful visit!