Thursday, September 18, 2008

9/19/66 - My Daughter, Kim

My Daughter, Kim

I love saying, “My Daughter, Kim”. I say it with much pride and endearment.
I say, without stretching the truth, that she is beautiful, she has a good eye for design, she has a humble desire to be the best mother she can possibly be, she dearly loves her husband of 18 years and, most importantly, she has a heart for God.

I count on this child for so much. She is my prayer-partner, my friend, my confident, my decorator and my loving daughter. She gave me a great son-in-law and three absolutely divine grandchildren.

For 42 out of my 61 years, she has always been there for me, as well for anyone else who was in need. So again this year(, on the occasion of her birthday, I have to say the gift is, and has always been, mine.

Happy Birthday, Kimberly…Happy, Happy Birthday, with all my love,



Queenie said...

All of those things, and more.
She is the only person who can
decorate my Christmas Tree like I
did. You know how important that is to me. She has a way of letting
her three children and Mike's two
children put on the decorations and
somehow the next morning they are
not nested in one spot on the tree
but evenly divided over the tree.
An outstanding mother, wife, grand-
daughter with a laugh that can be
heard a half continent away.
I love and admire her too.
A beautiful baby in Okinawa,
a beauty in HighSchool, A beatiful
Miss Berry College and a beautiful
mother and wife.

family said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Kim. You are a wonderful daughter. Love, Terr.

juju said...

What a role model for all who watch her life. I love you KimBo. Your beautiful in every way. Happy Birthday!

juju said...

Happy Birthday Kim!!!!