Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thing of the Past?

With facebook being the first thing we sign into these days, it seems familychatterbox is becoming a thing of the past.  All my spare time has been used seeing what everybody else is doing, instead of recording my favorite moments and feelings for the hand full of people who faithfully check the box for news of family.

Anyway, Mom made a trip to Northcroft this past weekend and I want a record of her coming.  My sister Judy and her husband Louis gave of their time and energy to bring her and pick up the slack, with the work that needed doing,  because I am still one handed/armed/ from having rotator cuff surgery almost 5 weeks ago.

Really, Louis was recovering from minor surgery too so it was up to Sister to take care of us all!  I pushed to do more than I otherwise would have, so now, as usual,  I am stronger for the time spent in the mountains. (photo by Judy)

The early morning hours, evenings and nights were cold enough for a roaring fire yet the days were perfect for a long walk and a hike to the waterfall and to Egypt. Louis and Judy even did a little firearm shooting to stay in good practice with the guns they own.

Between us we brought enough food to feed our mountain appetites and enjoyed it at a candle-lit table.

Mom did great, getting from one small place to another.  She was a trouper and left with a promise to return.

Thanks guys for making the effort to come and spend time together.  Please know the doors of Northcroft are always open to you...  Speaking of doors, because of what my brother did for me this same weekend, I can now view the inside front door area by internet whenever I want and hopefully soon (next time I go) the outside as well.  I can do this through the eye of a camera; ordered and installed by Hugh!  

(From #1 security camera.)

P. S.  Terrence stayed home and attended a Board of Governor's meeting of the Georgia Bar.  He is so faithful to his profession and so generous not to begrudge me time in the mountains.  Hope we can make it there together this weekend! 


juju said...

It has always been such a treat to go to Northcroft. thank you for sharing over 20 years of treasured memories there. We have changed, but the warmth of Northcroft has not. I am so thankful we could still hike to Egypt and climb the mountain to the falls. Beautiful and it was a good week end. All was missing was Terr!!

Anonymous said...

Don't stop posting--it's a fabulous recap of our lives that nothing can replace......we love your creativity. We love the captured memories. FB is a popularity contest. Chatterbox is the real deal. With real lives. Capturing the real heart of life!
I love you.

Kate Croft said...

I second my sister! Chatterbox is completely unique - it provides a wonderful record, and such a special insight into your personal thoughts and musings. We treasure it. Please don't abandoned it in favor of the siren song of FB!

Loved this post about your time in the mountains with Nana, Judy and Louis. Looks like you put a smile on everyone's face. Love you :)