Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Special Friday!

Mike met with the former President for breakfast. (Impressive, Yeah!)

Kim had lunch with some college roommates, now lifelong friends. 
Terr took me for a sun-on-your-face lunch, after my post-op visit with the surgeon. (Got a good report, too!)

Then Terrence and I had a late, candle light, delicious dinner, sent to us by Kristin and Alan, all the way from California!   (Another dinner awaits us in the refrigerator for tomorrow!)

This past 10 days I have been reminded over and over how important and treasured a gift, family and loyal friends are.  With but one arm tied to my side (I mean, it isn't cancer), so many have come to our aid.  I have been lifted up and covered in prayer, eight meals have been brought to our door, flowers, candy, hair and make-up creations, phone calls (some daily!), emails, skype calls and text messages have let me know others were there or only a phone call away.

I am so humbled.  My promise to you, in return, is to pay it forward and to let you know if you ever need me, I too am but a phone call away.

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juju said...

What a beautiful meal and what lovely thoughts of the days of recovery. Offer still holds. I can come tomorrow and bring you to Springland to continue recuperating. It would be fun!