Sunday, March 31, 2013

Just another Family Easter

Okay, Easter morning was incredible...amazing...GLORIOUS!  The Sabonis-Chafee's led a sunrise service for about 30-40 people on the golf course of their neighborhood.  We then met up with them for early morning services at Apostles where Mike, Mary and family opted to join us in lieu of going to their home church so we could share the experience together.  After church we headed to the Commerce Club Atlanta for our annual Easter Brunch, adding to our numbers, the Shannon Croft family as well as Tom Croft and the girls!

You know, we're really privileged in this family, privileged in love, generosity and respect for one another.   Just like most of you who read this blog, we have a dang good time when we get together to celebrate.

Heck, I'm going to shut up now and let the following video prove my point...

Hope you had a Happy, Happy Easter too!

Thank you Easter Bunny.


pie rox said...

Thats hilarious!! HAHAH! :)

i had so much fun!! thanks to everyone for making it such a great easter!

- Emily

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Great laughs. Great fun. Thanks to Mimi and Grandad for your faithfulness to getting us together. The memories are endless. And very special.

tschafee said...

Good times. Great gathering. And good practice for the Grayton Shake. Thanks, Mimi & GDiddy!