Sunday, May 04, 2008

Remembering the Day

On this day in 1924 a Great man was born, and I had the privilege of calling him Daddy.

I chose this picture, to remember him by, because it says a lot about what I remember about his physical appearance: handsome, clothes neatly pressed, not a hair out of place even while working on a farm (a place he was most comfortable), a charming crooked smile, a dark tanned face and gray white hair (like mine!).

These traits drew everyone to my Daddy; his kindness, genuine desire to help, his high moral principles, his compassion, his joy in meeting people, his boyish charm and much more, kept them loving him with the highest of respect. I don't think anyone could say a bad thing about this the man who set the standard for me as to what a good man should be.

I am grateful for the way he lived his life and I mark this day with pride. Happy Birthday to all of us who are celebrating the legacy.

-daughter, Merry
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Queenie said...

You know what??
I couldn't agree more.
He was genuine.

juju said...

That's My Dad to a T---I'll always REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!