Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Some favorite moments of Memorial Day week end...

Kate playing the flute while standing on the bridge, the blooming of the mountain laurel, feeling like I was in Madison County, colors of the green Luna moth and red strawberries and beautiful light through the mist of the forest, made for some lovely pictures that I wanted to share, if I haven't already.

I'm still here at the cabin, working with the second and third generation of men, of the man that has weedeated my yard for many years. We are power washing, caulking, painting, working on the bridge and putting a stacked fence at the top of the drive. Rain is hindering us a bit, but we are getting some things done. Hope all of are well, call me if you need me.



Kate said...

I am the walrus! Coo coo coo-choo!

Miss you. Send pictures of how the work is going!

Queenie said...

The sun makes such wonderful
pictures! Mom