Monday, June 02, 2008

Summer on Granger Ct.

Grandad and I made a quick trip to visit with the Regas family on Sunday. Lucky for us Emily came for a play date with Issy, so we got to see her too! After chatting with Joe for a while, he and Grandad went on a short shopping trip while Mary took me to find the girls. We found them at a neighbor's house...swinging with the greatest of ease...

(Except for the size and gender of Isabelle this could be Mike and Kim some 30 years ago!) To this grandmother's eye it was a beautiful story of family. Isn't summer grand.

P.S. It wasn't as cool back at the house while Mary put Mike through a strenuous "boot camp" of exercises. She was trying the program out on him before taking it to a workout class for women, at her club. They were both working pretty hard.

I'm going to be blogging soon about Mary's personal training business. She has a great work-out room in their basement and has clients that come to her house. I want to catch her in action!


Queenie said...

What a nice day to spend with those
beautiful children.
What are you up so late for. Don't
ask the same thing, I'm supposed
to be, its my job. Mike's yard looks pretty and green.
Have a nice trip.

juju said...

This is the way summer should be spent. Great swinging girls. Looks like fun. Mike, your house entrance is beautiful. Your pretty handsome, yourself!! Love you!