Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Day

On June 9th, I got the most precious gifts of all for my birthday. I got the gift of love, and it was just what I wanted.

I know all I have to do is ask, and all my children or grandchildren would try and do whatever they could for me, as I would for them, but we are in a busy season of football and swim teams (baseball in CA) and many more summer activities, so getting together for a birthday dinner, 30 to 45 minutes north of town, in rush-hour traffic on Monday night, was just impossible for most of my Atlanta family. You can't let your teams down, and I approve of that! Anyway, the Sabonis-Chafees teamed together and pulled off the most elegant dinner, with gifts and sweet memories for my 61st birthday, so they need to be bragged about.

I was greeted by happy children and a half-dozen elaborately decorated signs that read things like: "Welcome", "Happy Birthday", "You're the BEST!", "We Love You", "MIMI", all made by Emily. While she was at work on the signs, Andrew was cleaning and making my birthday cake! It was our family recipe pound cake and never have I seen it made better. (I found out, soon after arriving, that William helped with that cake too!) William entertained me with song and tumbling before dinner while Grandad, Mike (who came to represent the Regas family while Mary took the kids to their swim meet) and I sat outside chatting and eating delicious appetizers as the finishing touches were put on the meal. (We also got a tour of the new basement rooms,which are stunning by the way!)

Kim had set a beautiful table with memories (blue hydrangeas as her center piece) from last year's 60/80 birthday party with my Mother. She had gifts, cards and balloons at my place at the table and to the right and left of me sat my handsome sons, Mike and Tom. What a treat!

Okay, that was nice and all, but you should have been there to taste that great meal! Wonderfully planned and executed by Kim, while Tom got home just in time to grill the pork. I plan on stealing all of her recipes for this mmm mmm delicious meal!!

...and then there was cake and gifts! Now, I really no longer need gifts for my birthday, cards and sweet notes are my favorite things now. But when Andrew presented me with a CD of his top 20 favorite songs and Emily painted a picture of a frog for me, and Joe and Issy gave me a cross and William posed for a picture and wrote his name on his card all by himself...I must say I was touched. They gave me what they thought I would like and by doing so, I realized that they know me.

I got many gifts that day that included loving phone conversations (some came with a song of "Happy Birthday") and sweet cards from those dear to me (and even a couple from our longtime insurance man and stock broker). They knew me too, and gave me the gift of themselves. It made my day perfect!

Terrence secretly placed cards and a gift at my breakfast table that morning and while in Amelia Island, a couple of days before, bought me the most beautiful sea shell, which I had looked at to buy for my Mother (it's our shell, Mom). The ever-faithful man in my life is still steadfast and devoted. I accept his gift of love every day of my life.

I got what I wanted for my day and I was most grateful, mainly because I've had it all along.

So, Happy Birthday to me! And on the 13th of this month, Happy Birthday to my dear Mother. I hope you feel about your family as I do mine. I can't be with you on your Birthday, but I'm there, loving you, every day. Here's to you...

Mother and Daughter turn 81 and 61 in 2008. Grateful for another year together, I say, "Happy Birthday to us!"


Queenie said...

Shsssss, what a post, how do I
copare with that?
Thank you for my part of the post and thank you for those wonderful
grandchildren and great-grands.
What a pleasure and delight to
have such love from them.
Also thank you for the beautiful box, did you say not open until
13th? If you did I forgot.
No not the first one but you did
not tell me to open the one
yesterday. That Shell is the
most gorgeous shell I have ever
seen. So my son-in-law had lots to
do with that huh? He was taught
by the best.

Queenie said...

I wish you were here this week
end. I wanted to go to Bonnaroo.

family said...

I hate to tell you this but the shell I sent you was not the one that Terrence bought for me. I had the one I sent you in my hand when I saw the "perfect" shell but the price was just too high, so I put it back. Well, Terrence knew I wanted it and he wanted to give me something for my birthday that I liked, so behind my back he bought the shell. I call it "our shell". I will share it with you, like Judy and I shared the binoculars! I would love to come and be with you this week end, but I just hate to leave Terrence on Father’s Day, besides, I'm not sure you or I could survive Bonnaroo, even though I love it that you want to go! ;)

family said...

What a gorgeous picture of the older gwens together!
Lovely ladies!

Queenie said...

When I got back from my birthday
dinner at Omni Hut, there was the
sweetest birthday message on my
phone. All the Sabonis-Chafee's
joined in singing to me. Just
Had a call from Mollie today, too.
We talked a few minutes, Morgan
was sitting next to her reading,
and corrected Mollie on how many
books she had read so I know she
knew who Mollie was talking to.
Just a minute after hanging up my phone rang and it was Morgan, wishing me a happy birthday.
Wasn't that a Morgan thing. so

emacgrass said...

happppppy birthday!!! hope to see you soon!!