Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Morgan is a WINNER!

News about Morgan!


Our beautiful Morgan was made even more beautiful on the inside (as well as out!) when she cut her long, lush hair a couple of weeks ago and donated it to make a wigs for someone who doesn't have any.

Morgan and Molly finished a 5K run with 1,000 other women! The route went through their neighborhood so it was really fun. Everyone got a carnation at the end. Morgan took a running class every Friday in her after school program so she would be ready!

When Morgan isn't running, painting, going to Ford's baseball games or reading every minute she gets a chance, she is ROCK CLIMBING, in her spare time! I understand that she is quite a champ, winning ribbons in outdoor competitions.
Way to go Morgan! We are so proud of you and the things you have accomplished.

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Kate said...

Morgan, that is so cool. I'm very impressed - and i love your new 'do!

Queenie said...

Great Mother, Great Daughter,
How nice to do things together.