Monday, December 15, 2008

Eleven days 'til Christmas

Wish I could hear every detail of what each of you are doing to get ready for the big day! I'm sure you are not only preparing your list and checking it twice but also doing those things that make way for the Christ child.

(Did you see the December moon?)

Sunday, after church, the Sabonis-Chafees took us for lunch and to see Santa Claus on our third (or fourth?) annual Christmas outing at their club.

Brunch was delicious as we went through three buffet lines and filled our plates to our hearts' content, then made ice cream sundaes for dessert! Afterwards, we went to another large room downstairs and were greeted by Santa's helpers and the Big Guy himself!

I had a delightful encounter as I waved to Santa and yelled out to him that it was Little Merry, did he remember me? I also told him, I was still a good girl and I still had the doll he gave me over 50 years ago! Well, he said, of course he remembered me and was pleased that still I had "Betsy," but he had a couple of things he needed to talk to me about on the good girl issue. I blushed a bit and then remembered it was Andrew, Emily and William's turn to talk to Santa...although I can't imagine what Santa was talking about...maybe it was that plate of french fries I ate for dessert.

After happy conversations and the reading of the list from William, the children dug deep to find their favorite colored candy cane from Santa's basket. We soon hugged goodbye and departed for home to wrap more Christmas gifts, with a happy heart.

(Pardon the quality of the photo, every time I snapped a picture, the elf flash went off!)

Thanks for sharing the adventure, guys! We had a great time!! Can't wait for the caroling party where hopefully ALL my children and grandchildren will be singing. Talk about a photo op!

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