Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hours 'til Christmas Day!

Tonight was wonderful! Christmas Eve services offered us hope in Jesus, amazing music, and the lighting of the candles, so that we may be reminded to spread the light. Kate graciously helped me prepare a wonderful pork dinner for the nine that were here. Then we sat around talking and enjoying the mood of excitement and anticipation. I had a lovely surprise when Mike came and joined us around the table for a while, after taking his mother-in-law home for the evening.

Tom told us the story of Elfie that I thought might interest you…

“As we reflect back on the season this Christmas Eve, we look back at Elfie. From the first night the tree went up, he became a part of the Sabonis-Chafee family, working his elfin magic every night that he was dusted and wished upon, sometimes funny, sometimes mischievous. As always, he took the wishes of the kids and put his own spin on his answers, sometimes simple, sometimes elaborate, sometimes random or irrelevant. He wrote his own version of the 12 Days of Christmas (The 78 Elves of Christmas!). He decorated the tree with socks, He created treasure hunts where he was the prize, and tonight he joined us for Christmas Eve services, before heading back to the Pole. And so, we send him off with a big, “Merry Christmas Elfie. See you next year!”

Strangest thing, before leaving to make way for Santa tonight, that little funny elf made one more appearance….at church, he somehow skidooed into my camera! (If you don’t watch “Blue’s Clues”, don’t even try to understand this.)

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night...(I’m really looking forward to seeing most of you tomorrow! )

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juju said...

Each light and each life is so special. I thank God for The Light!