Saturday, December 13, 2008

Another thought from Kimberly....

How about moving from gifts to traditions in your blog? Today begins the 12 days of Christmas. You might consider doing something for each one of the 12 days of Christmas.

A silly family tradition that was started many years ago was getting a bag of spice drops and piling the kids in the back of the car and going to look at Christmas lights. The kids loved this every year and looked forward to the individual bags of candy and lights. Of course, we played Christmas music and sang.......

Another childhood memory was singing around the piano at Greatma's. Loved that....and her chocolate cake.

This is the piano of my youth where we all gathered each year to sing familiar Christmas Carols. Mother had an operatic soprano voice, Grandmother sang alto, along with several others. Aunts Dot and Paulette were accomplished pianists and each was very musical. Uncles Kenneth and Edsel were song leaders in the church, so they were always on key... Oh, it was a great joy of mine to hear their voices harmonize and to try to fill in wherever I could.

I wish I had a recording of Uncle Kenneth's little jingles that he use to sing to the children and of Grandmother Floyd playing "Little Brown Jug", on the harmonica. They made it such a happy occasion and I know the songs reached heaven, itself!

I must say, I love the traditions all of you are making, too; and I think maybe we might have some of that musical ability as well. With Kristin home for Christmas this year, I hope we'll have a chance to make a JOYFUL NOISE!


Queenie said...

Burly can make a tradition in a
moment. It is something that will always be in her childrens mind long after they have left the nest. And they will leave the nest.
You can imagine the tradition that
has meant much to me, is our after
Thanksgivng day, triming the tree.
Kim, Tom and the children and
usually Mike, Mary, Joe and Issy
doing the honors of trimming my
That tradition was messed up this
year due to Kim and Tom's friend
marrying in London, and Poor Mary
breaking her arm.
ALL's well that ends well and Abby
and Anna did an excellent job on
the tree. But I missed the
Italian food, Mike.
Good blog.

family said...

bring on the traditions, old and new! I love the singing memory.....i know God put a song in each of our hearts. and for some of us, it is expressed quite dramatically....from my husband. bo