Sunday, December 21, 2008

Four Days'til Christmas

This morning, the 4th day 'til Christmas, found me in church sitting next to grandchildren and Grandad. While scanning the bulletin I discovered my name on a special list of people honored with the gift of flowers. It said from TLC (my husband), given in honor of MPC (this is me!). What a sweet way to start the day. Thank you T!

The afternoon found us at the home of the mother of one of Kim's high school friends, where we enjoyed our 26th annual Christmas Tea with her high school girlfriends and their mothers.

We had just enough time to regroup, pack up our contribution of chili and cookies and head for Kim and Tom's house for our annual Christmas Caroling Party. We have been doing this party each Christmas for about the same number of years as the Christmas Tea, and Kim and Tom did a spectacular job with festive decorations and good eats! I think it was the biggest and best party ever...the reason? Well, a big crowd, for one, but it was also the best because... Santa Claus came!!!! Boy, did he have that house excited.

It was the perfect year for Santa to grace us with an appearance. We must have had 15 children attending, and they were all sitting on the edge of their seats. He talked to the children, did some magic and gave out goodies from his pack. What a kind and delightful man that gentleman is. No wonder everyone wants to see Santa. (Mrs. Claus was also in attendance, to help Santa keep moving so he could get to his next special stop. Santa has so much fun with the children that he has a hard time leaving!)

Now there is a late night card game going on downstairs in the den. I am headed for bed and leaving Kristin, Beth, Kate and Jeremy playing, very competitively I might add, a game called Squeak! (Don't ask, they are crazy into this game). I just hope they don't get into too much trouble for staying up too late and eating too many brownies!

Have you been good boys and girls? You never know when Santa is watching.

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Uncle said...

Just read of your visit with Aunt Lillie. How great that you were able to fit this in your schedule during such a busy time. And having Kate to visit also made it very special.
You know just what to do to make her feel wanted and still a part of a family. All of us are so grateful that you live close to her, and and are able to visit her with regularity. Merry Christmas to all.