Friday, December 19, 2008

Six Days 'til Christmas

Today was a wash. We took a vacation from the hustle and bustle and went to see AUSTRALIA.

Unfortunately, even Hugh Jackman's muscles couldn't save this movie...

...but it was fun!

(We weren't completely unproductive. We also planned menus, shopped for groceries and did a little more wrapping of gifts. We're almost ready!)


Queenie said...

Thats one I want to see, do you
think I will enjoy?
It is good to have Kate at home,
I know. Have a great time together.

Kate said...

You was pretty hokey, but kind of in a 1940s epic way. And Hugh Jackman is so beautiful that you almost don't notice how awful the dialogue is ;) Gorgeous scenery.

Can't wait to see you on Christmas!!!

Love you,

family said...


Yea, Mom, you just might enjoy this movie. It is reminiscent of movies from long ago. It's corny, so corny we laughed and you think it's going to end about 10 times before it actually does, but you might like. There is only one incident of bad language, a little romance, but not explicit. Right up your alley! For me, it was just fun to sit for almost three hours.

family said...

Our family is slaving over a soup kitchen to wee hours of the night and you two go see a movie?

(okay the soup kitchen was our own and the wee hours were wee early not late, but still).......the only thing gorgeous I saw last night was the sight of a perfectly surfaced pound cake just out of it's pan.


Jeremy said...

I'm missing way too much fun down there - not for long fortunately!

Weather-willing (we've had quite the snowstorm the past 24 hours, and it looks like New York will have a white Christmas!), I'll be seeing you all tomorrow.

This blog has been like a great preview before the main feature film - spending time with you all and celebrating together this week :)