Monday, December 08, 2008

Letter from Kate...

...with permission, thought you might like to know what Kate is up to these days.

Hey Mom,

Just wanted to tell you a little bit about the new project I've got underway. Ever heard of No Impact Man?

Well, No Impact Man - a.k.a. Colin Beavan - was just a regular New Yorker who wrote history books and lived on Fifth Avenue with his wife Michelle, his baby daughter Isabella, and their dog Frankie. But one day in 2007, after reading a grim article in the Times about polar bears and climate change, Colin looked into his wastebasket, saw the heaps of plastic takeout containers and coffee cups accumulating there (each with its own obligatory moment of remorse) - and decided to change his life.

He began the No Impact Project - a year of living with zero net environmental impact. It wouldn't just mean no takeout containers; it meant no trash at all - and no powered transportation, no electricity, no food packaging, no kleenex. Let's just say that roping Michelle in was no easy sell.

A bit extreme? Perhaps - but what a splash he made! His No Impact blog made the New York Times, the Colbert Report - he was all over the news. A book deal followed, and then a documentary got underway; from know-nothing schlub to No Impact expert, Colin had become an eco-celebrity.

Now, how do I fit into all this? Well, Colin and I both serve as advisors to NYU's Sustainability Task Force, headed by our own Jeremy. I talked with Colin about his projects, and he asked me to help him out!

The film premieres at Sundance next month, and the book is slated for release in the fall. I can't talk too much about the manuscript itself, but I'm currently doing some annotating and fact-checking, and helping draft an appendix. So exciting!

If you're interested in learning more about No Impact Man, check out his blog - he'll be posting updates about the book and the film as new things happen.

Much love,

Thanks, Kate!


Queenie said...

Can't say when, can't say how, but I have read about no impact on the
internet. Interesting.

family said...

who is the gorgeous women in the photo? Do I know her?bo

juju said...

This is so unique, Kate. Just like you! Love, Judy