Thursday, December 18, 2008

Seven Days 'til Christmas...

The Seventh Day before Christmas was filled with music. First, Emily sang a solo at her school's Christmas in Carols. Her parents, Kate and I, beamed with pride as she sung. Such a good job, Emily, such a good job!

(Forgive me Emily, I have tried for hours to turn this video right side up and I just can't seem to get it right, but I did so want every one to enjoy you beautiful voice.)

Second, Kate joined alumni, teachers, students and friends in the annual singing of the Messiah at her alma mater, The Westminster Schools.

(Kate is in the middle singing her heart out. She first learned to sing the Messiah at Westminster and continues to go back, when ever possible, to sing at this special event.)

I went, and watched, and marveled at the talent that runs in our family. I would like to think that the Christmas spirit made it even more glorious to perform and listen to.

Thank you girls for asking me to be a part of what you do so beautifully.


family said...

Great blog! I love the video clip. A rising star! And those women. All I have to say is.....enjoy your youth. You look great.

Queenie said...

I just knew Gwen #4 could sing.
How beauitfully done, Em.

emacgrass said...

em sounded like a little angel!! i've only heard her sing hannah montana before! :)