Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Grandad Was a Fencer!

Most everyone knows that Grandad was a fencer during his years in New Haven. Certainly Emily has seen this picture over the mask, right-handed glove, sabre, foil and épée that are framed in Grandad's office. He was the captain of his college fencing team and was very successful at the sport. When I met my beloved in 1977, he had joined a fencing club here in Atlanta and was trying to get back into it. He was quite dashing when he came home from a bout with his swords, even if he did have a few welts on his arms and legs from being slightly out of practice.

Well, Emily discovered some fencing gear downstairs in the basement this past weekend and, after trying it on, decided that maybe asking Grandad for a lesson would be cool!
Grandad scored again when he stepped in (because Emily's dad was off receiving his own creative award in NYC) and took Emily to a father/daughter Pinewood Derby car race. Grandad pulled out matching jackets that he and Kate used to wear, and off they went. Emily brought home two trophies, one for winning 1st place in speed and the other for 2nd place in creativity, out of a field of 100 cars!
Mind you, this is not to trump the trophy Andrew won for best dancer of the Cha-Cha, at Weslyan's Cotillion on Sunday - but this post is, of course, all about Grandad. In addition, Grandad cheered Ford and his basketball team to its first victory of the season...For me, I happen to think the old guy is still pretty cool.


juju said...

Can't find many men who look that good as a fencer. My man also fences, but he looks like a farmer. Must be the Yale part that makes the difference.

family said...

I've often wondered if this is my child? fencing, car racing....hummm. bo

Kate said...

Awesome post!!! Can you email me the collage of Dad and Emily fencing? I wanna keep that one for the archives :)

Love you,

Kristin said...

SO cute!! I remember Dad teaching us to fence when we were little. I loved it too!